SYM Scooter Insurance

SYM Scooter Insurance


Sangyang Motors (SYM) has come a long way since the company’s early days as manufacturers of bicycle lights in Taiwan in the 1950s. Today the company is a leading manufacturer of top rated scooters and motorcycles with a global presence. And while SYM models may lack the scooter heritage of some iconic Italian models, SYM scooters and motorcycles boast a modern, eco-friendly profile – encapsulated by their ‘Engine for Life’ ethos. Since teaming up with Honda to produce a range of motorcycles in the 1960s, the company has won numerous awards for their innovative designs.

2003 saw a lightbulb moment for SYM when all scooters and motorcycles under 125cc featured the ‘Engine for Life’ slogan. Today the scooters and motorcycles are known for their durable, fuel-efficient engines, backed by generous warranties – and their solid green credentials. ‘Value for money’ is another accolade often attributed to this brand. All that said, style hasn’t been overlooked. Nor has the quality of the ride, or the fun factor this range of modern bikes has to offer. You can see the complete range on the SYM Website

How much is SYM Insurance

Motorbike Third party, fire & theft Fully Comp
Sym Jet 50, engine size 50cc,  Value £440.00 £77.00 £89.00
Sym Symply 50, engine size 50cc Value £500.00 £80.00 £92.00
Sym Mask 50,  engine size 50cc Value £550.00 £83.00 £95.00
Sym Symphony 125, engine size 125cc Value £850.00 £96.00 £111.00
Sym Wolf 125, engine size 125cc Value £900.00 £100.00 £115.00

The above is a rough guide and will vary accordingly by the scooter and rider details.

The SYM range

SYM scooters are available in a wide choice of engine sizes and styles, from the standard Simply 50cc model through to a selection of 125cc models for those who want a bit more oomph. Top of the range is the 200c Jet scooter. SYM also offers a choice of sporty models, including the Cruisym 125, a kind of crossover that combines sport aesthetics with urban functionality and is one of their more popular models. SYM motorcycle options come in a choice of three models in the UK, all are 125cc and are covered by a five-year warranty.

There’s clearly something for every type of rider in the SYM range, whether you need a reliable, cheap-to-run scooter for buzzing about town, something more sporty for cruising the highways and byways, or a motorcycle for the daily commute. The SYM brand may not be as recognisable as other makes in the UK but thanks to sharp pricing and their eco-friendly status, they’ve become an increasingly popular choice for many.

One of the latest models by SYM is the SYMNH-X. Here is a recent video. This model is perfect for city and out of town riding.

SYM insurance at Scoot Scoot

Here at Scoot Scoot, our aim is to find you the best deal on insurance whatever model of SYM you’re riding. We specialise in scooter and motorcycle insurance and have access to the top insurance providers to help you source great deals. We search for the cheapest insurance deals so you don’t have to, saving you both time and money. That’s what makes us the number one scooter comparison site, tried and trusted by thousands of riders! So whether you’re a first-time SYM scooter owner or an experienced rider looking for a better deal on your current policy, we can definitely help. Quick and easy to apply, you’ll have a choice of the most competitive insurance quotes in a matter of minutes!

What type of SYM scooter insurance is best for you?

It’s important to choose a policy that gives you the right level of protection for you and your SYM scooter or motorcycle. As tempting as it may be to simply choose the cheapest insurance policy, you want to be sure that you’ve got the cover you need. Basically, the three main types of scooter insurance policy available are as follows:

Third party insurance

This is the cheapest type of policy and also the minimum level of cover you need to ride legally on UK roads. Third party covers you for the cost of damages you cause to another vehicle or to someone else’s property in the event of an accident. Under third party only, you are not insured against personal injury or for any repair/replacement costs for your SYM scooter. Such costs will have to be paid from your own pocket.

Third party fire and theft

The next level up in terms of what is insured. As the name suggests, in addition to basic third party cover, you’ll also be insured against your SYM scooter or motorcycle being stolen, or for damages caused by a fire (conditions may apply).

Fully comprehensive scooter insurance

While being the more expensive of the three options, this type of policy offers the most cover. On top of what the two policies above cover, you’ll also be insured for all damage to your SYM scooter, including repair and/or replacement costs. You can also be covered for personal injury, including the cost of medical treatment. Breakdown cover is another feature some insurers offer, as is the use of a rental scooter if yours is off the road for repairs. Basically, with a comprehensive policy you can insure yourself and your scooter against all eventualities.

Compare policies and prices at a glance

We focus on scooter insurance – nothing else – and our targeted search on your behalf aims to find the best deals out there. As well as comparing quotes, you’ll be able to check out what special offers are available. For instance, if you only use your scooter at the weekend, you may be able to get a discount on your policy. Maybe you’re a more experienced rider in which case, you could benefit from a cheaper annual rate. Remember, the quotes you receive for your SYM insurance will be based on the details you provide when filling in our online form. It’s important to be 100% honest when answering all the questions. That way the policy will be personalised and tailored to cover yourself and your 50cc or 125cc SYM bike.

Get a quote today for SYM insurance

Applying for SYM scooter insurance is straightforward and our online form only takes a few minutes to complete. You’ll be asked for some personal information as well as details of your SYM scooter and which one of the three types of policy you want. Once your form is completed you’ll receive a choice of competitive SYM insurance quotes. All quotes are free and you are under no obligation to proceed. If you prefer to apply by phone, simply call one of our UK-based team on 0844 409 7862, and we’ll be more than happy to help. Ready to start? Let’s go!

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