Best Bike Insurance

Best Bike Insurance

If you’re looking for the best bike insurance that gives you the optimum level of protection without breaking the bank, we’re sure we can help. Every day we help fellow riders find the best bike insurance deals in the UK. As a specialist bike insurance site, we only provide free no obligation quotes on behalf of our customers. We also operate independently of the insurance companies. You’re assured of unbiased information and we certainly won’t try and influence your decision. We won’t steer you towards a particular insurer. Our job is to provide access to the best bike insurance quotes available out there. Leave it up to you to decide which provider to choose.

To start your search for the best bike insurance quote, you’ll have to complete the online form, providing a few details about yourself and the bike you want to insure. We’ve streamlined our system to make it as customer-friendly as possible. Applying for a quote should only take a few minutes. Especially if you know exactly what type of cover you want. One form is all it takes. Search across the bike insurance market easily. We also offer delivery rider insurance and electric moped insurance.

Details about you and your bike

On the form, you’ll have to state your name and address, age, occupation and what make and model of bike you want to insure. You’ll also have to select the type of insurance cover you want ( more about that in a moment) and provide some details of your bike usage, including annual mileage, where the bike is stored when not in use, and whether you are the sole rider. You’ll also be asked about what type of licence you hold and how long you’ve been riding.

Insurers base their quotes on your answers so it goes without saying that you should always provide accurate and up to date information about yourself and the bike you want to insure. That way, the policy you are offered will be a true reflection of your bike usage and any claims you do make in future will be paid up without any hassle. Also, please make sure you understand what is and isn’t covered by the policy and clarify any concerns you have before agreeing to go ahead.

What type of insurance is right for you?

The three main types of insurance policy available in the UK, are as follows:

  • Third party insurance. Typically the cheapest type of policy, third party offer a basic level of insurance. You’ll be covered for injury and/or damage to the vehicle or property of a third party. You’re not covered for personal injury or repair/replacement cost of your bike.
  • Third party fire and theft. In addition to the above, this policy also insures your bike against theft and from damage in a fire.
  • Comprehensive insurance. In addition to the above two, this policy insures you for personal injury. It may cover the cost of any medical treatment you require following an accident. You may also be compensated for loss of earnings due to your injuries. Most policies will cover the full repair cost to your bike. It will also cover replacement costs if the bike is a write off. Some providers will also pay for the hire of a bike while yours is off the road.

Your personalised plan

The best bike insurance policy is the one that gives you the right level of protection. Occasionally, this may mean paying a slightly higher premium, but there are ways to ensure you only pay as much as you need and not a penny more. One way is to offer to pay a higher voluntary excess on any claims in future as this will help to reduce your premium – just be sure you can afford to pay the excess, if necessary. Sticking to a lower annual mileage can result in a lower premium, as can making sure your bike is securely stored in a garage when not in use. Making a few adjustments to your usage can really make a difference to the cost of your premium.

Always check for special offers and discounts

The premium is the bottom line, but be sure to check what else you’re getting for your money when looking for cheap bike insurance. Most providers will give you a no-claims discount while some will also offer lower premiums for more experienced riders. Full breakdown cover is another incentive to look out for.  Some providers may even include free leathers and helmet cover. Using our site you can see at a glance what insurers are offering, so what are you waiting for?