How much is insurance on a 50cc scooter?

Everyone needs insurance on a 50cc scooter to legally be on the road. There are dozens of factors that affect how much you pay for insurance. This includes the vehicle you own, your location, and how much experience you have on the road. Luckily, 50cc scooters have incredibly cheap insurance, which makes them a great choice for young or inexperienced road users. Below is some more detailed information on insurance for scooters. We search best bike insurance to give you the lowest price. We also offer delivery rider insurance and electric moped insurance.

On average, a year’s 50cc scooter insurance costs around £279. This figure isn’t based on a particular kind of policy, but is an average of the different levels of cover you can buy. Each level of cover will have its own price, and the best way to find this out is by visiting price comparison websites.

What types of cover are there?

Vehicle insurance can be broken down into three main types of cover. They are:

  • Third Party only. This is the cheapest level of cover, and the second most basic that is legally required for road use. Cheapest might seem the most desirable, but it doesn’t cover you for any damage to your scooter. It only provides you with cover for damage to another vehicle that’s caused by you.
  • Third Party, Fire and Theft. Again, this level of cover only pays out for accident damage caused to other vehicles in fault accidents. However, it also entitles you to a payout if your scooter is stolen, or catches fire. This is more expensive than Third Party, but does provide you with slightly more cover to your scooter.
  • Fully Comprehensive. Comprehensive cover allows you to make claims for damage to your scooter, regardless of who’s at fault for the accident. It also gives you the same cover from previous levels, and most companies allow you to add on extra features for more money. This is the most expensive level of cover, but the extra cost is definitely worth it.

If you have an accident?

You might be thinking: “what happens if the accident isn’t my fault?” With comprehensive cover, you’re able to claim on your own policy, and then claim the money back from the other driver’s insurance. If you have any level of Third Party cover however, you would have to claim directly off the at-fault party’s insurance. This can sometimes be a long and drawn out process, as many insurance companies will attempt to dispute liability if there is good reason.

There’s no definitive answer for how much insurance on a 50cc scooter will be. As mentioned, there are so many factors that will affect your premium. If you’re strapped for cash, pay that little bit extra and get Third Party, Fire and Theft. The extra protection it gives you is important, because most insurance companies will write off any vehicle that’s burnt or stolen, and this can be a large sum of money if it’s a new vehicle. It’s also worth remembering that every year you don’t claim, you get a discount on next year’s premium. Get your scooter insurance quote today.