Do you need insurance for a moped?

Insurance is one of the most expensive parts of insurance for a moped. It can sometimes cost more than the vehicle itself. This is especially true for young road users, who have to pay more than older drivers. Although it might seem tempting to not get insurance as a way to save money, you can get in a lot of trouble for this. Insurance is a legal requirement for any road vehicle.

The main reason for this is not for you, but for other road users. It is important to get insurance for a moped. If someone is involved in a crash that isn’t their fault, it’s required by law that they are put back in the same financial position as before the accident. In simple terms, this means having their damage paid for. And that’s where insurance comes in. In fact, two out of the three levels of cover don’t allow you to claim for damage to your own vehicle.

How much is insurance for a 50cc moped? Prices vary on many factors. Insurance might seem like a financial burden, it’s best to think about it as a service you’ll hopefully never need. Plus, it’ll be an even bigger financial burden to pay out of your own pocket for someone else’s insurance claim (a small collision can easily move into the thousands of pounds before you even realise). It’s also important to remember that insurance isn’t necessarily just for you, it’s for everyone else on the road. We also offer delivery rider insurance and electric moped insurance.

How can I save on insurance?

Insurance can be very expensive when you’re young, so think about some of these tips to save money:

  • Choose the right engine size. 125cc moped insurance is more expensive to insure than 50cc mopeds, and this can make a big difference if you only need a small bike to get around town. Think about your needs before buying.
  • Your experience. The more experienced you are on the road, the less likely it is you’ll have a crash (in theory). Although you can’t do much about this as a young rider, just be careful on the road and start building a No Claims Bonus.
  • Compare the market. Different companies will offer different prices for insurance. Scoot Scoot allows you to compare scooter insurance. This will help save you loads of time, and make sure you’re getting the best deal.
  • Type of cover. There are three levels of insurance cover, each with different levels of cover. The prices can vary massively, so think about how much cover you need.

It’s important to have insurance for a moped, especially for a young rider. If you’re unfortunate to have a crash, having insurance will save you having to pay out of pocket for any damage. While insurance can seem expensive when you buy it, it can save you thousands of pounds if you crash.