Trike Insurance

Trike insurance

As an increasingly common way to get around the UK, trikes offer something totally different to the norm. With so much variety in their build style and size, though, it is essential that you invest in Trike insurance. We can help you to find the best trike insurance coverage so that you know you get back the very maximum return on your investment regardless of the brand.

Insure your trike with the right insurance quote

When you need help with driving a trike, it is essential that you invest in the right kind of Trike insurance. To do that, you need bespoke assistance with finding the right insurance policy to fit your chosen model of trike. Trikes are so unique, especially when modifications are taken into account, that it can be hard to buy the ideal trike insurance policy. We offer quotes for many makes of trikes including Piaggio MP3 Insurance.

To help you make the right choice, we offer a comprehensive service for finding trike insurance. This allows you to factor in features such as disability add-ons, personal extras, and additional features. From self-built trikes to mass-produced models or even imported trikes, we have insurance options for every need.

  • We cover all forms of trike with our thorough trike insurance policies.
  • Cover everything from bespoke trikes to mass produced models.
  • Three wheel scooters and motorcycles covered in our trike insurance.
  • Specialist insurance options for models such as Piaggio MP3.
  • Instant quotes and coverage on any trike insurance requests.
  • Personal accident and excess protection coverage available.

Our trike insurance service covers various forms of insurance for your three-wheeler. We use a bespoke insurance plan to ensure that every feature that is included as part of your trike is notified and protected as part of your wider claim.

What kind of Trike insurance can we offer?

  • Third Party Insurance. Third party trike insurance offers you coverage and support in the event of a crash or incident with another driver. It does not cover you.
  • Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance. Provides the same depth as third party insurance, but protects your vehicle in the event of a fire and/or theft taking place.
  • Comprehensive Insurance. Full-scale insurance that gives you, your vehicle, and any other afflicted parties the peace of mind that they need in the event of an incident.

Driving your trike with a car license

Given that many trikes are considered to be too large to be considered bikes, many trikes can be driven with a full car license. Thanks to their luxury designs, fuel efficient nature, and ease of affordability, many are choosing to buy a trike over a conventional car.

Many three-wheeled scooters also tend to fall in the definition of a trike, too, offering you even more opportunity to drive with your car license. You should speak with the manufacturer of your trike to determine the kind of license that is typically expected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ride my trike with a full car license?

Many forms of trike are covered as part of using a full car license in the United Kingdom. However, this does not apply to every vehicle. We recommend that you speak with the dealer and/or manufacturer to find out license eligibility.  

However, many insurers might not cover you if you only drive your trike on a full car license. As specialist trike insurance specialists, though, we are happy to provide this insurance when we can.

How much is trike or three-wheeler insurance?

The cost of your insurance will be dependent on the vehicle, its features, your driving experience and your driving history. We look to offer you the best trike insurance deals in line with your history and requirements.

Do I need special insurance to have a passenger on my trike?

So long as you invest in pillion insurance add-ons, then you are legally permitted to go on the road with a three-wheeler with a passenger.

Do I need to wear a helmet to ride a trike?

You do not have to legally wear a helmet when riding a strike. However, we highly recommend that you wear one regardless for the personal safety benefits that they provide.

Do I need extra cover for my trike?

We provide extra coverage support such as breakdown cover, excess protection, personal accident cover, and helmet and leather coverage.