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The best Piaggio MP3 Insurance policies are hard to find. Most owners of this three wheeler scooter, after paying heavily to purchase it, still pay insane Piaggio insurance premiums. We are fans of Piaggio scooters, which is why we’ve worked hard to have access to over top 40 insurers in the UK. Our extensive network of insurers has enabled us to find the cheapest Insurance for owners across the UK.

Piaggio has a large range of three wheeler models including a hybrid scooter. One of the more popular models is the Piaggio MP3 Sport 500 ABS ASR is the Admiral of Italian 3-wheel Fleet - as it is know. This modern moped has a ‘’ride-by-wire’’ system, bike finder, adjustable smoke-grey windscreen and LED light technology. Equipped with a solid insurance backing, you can conquer any road challenges. This moped has excellent fuel economy and is for new and idela for experienced riders and inexperienced riders. You can see the MP3 Sport 500 ABS ASR on the Piaggio Website


Piaggio MP3 Insurance Piaggio MP3 Insurance

Piaggio insurance quote please consider some of these factors:



Scooter riders who are young pay more motorbike insurance premiums than older riders. Also, new Piaggio scooters are more expensive to insure.


If you live in an area that is prone to theft, you’ll pay more to insure your scooter.

Riding Experience

Inexperienced scooter riders pose more risk and hence pay higher Piaggio insurance premiums.

Riding Record

If you have a good riding record, you are eligible for a safe rider discount, which keeps your Piaggio motorcycle insurance rate low.


Adding some security features such as an alarm goes a long way in lowering your motorbike insurance rates.

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Getting the cheapest insurance policy is as simple as riding your scooter. Get a quote - all you need to do is to fill an online form answering a few questions and stating your need. We’ll respond within minutes with the best motorbike insurance quote. We also offer many optional extras like breakdown cover. 

As the leading scooter insurance comparison site in the UK, we operate independently and don’t favour any particular insurer. Our focus is to bring you the cheapest quote in the country for your Piaggio model.

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