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Comparing Scooter Insurance

About Scoot Scoot

We are an insurance comparison site and we’ll help you to find the scooter insurance quote that is right for your needs. We compare scooter insurance along with motorcycle insurance and motorbike insurance. Thanks to our extensive network of contacts in the industry, you’ll have access to the leading providers of scooter insurance in the UK. We’ve done all the hard work for you, so, you don’t have to spend time contacting numerous insurance providers yourself, filling in long and detailed forms every time. Simply enter your details once on our online platform and in a matter of minutes you’ll be able to compare scooter insurance from the leading providers in the UK. Thousands of customers have helped to make us one of the leading scooter insurance comparison sites and have saved themselves both time and money by using Scoot Scoot.

Do you need scooter insurance?

When it comes to a cheap and practical means of getting around, a scooter or moped is hard to beat. Easy to handle and fun to ride, the added appeal of scooters is that they’re also cheaper to buy, have lower maintenance costs and are kinder to the environment than cars. Scooters also cost less to tax and insure than virtually any other type of motorised vehicle. Most 50cc scooters or mopeds can also be legally ridden on UK roads (excluding motorways) from the age of 16. You will require L plates to be displayed at all times until the rider has completed a practical and theory test. You can also ride a 125cc scooter without passing your test as long as you have a provisional licence or have completed your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT). You are legally required to both tax and insure the vehicle before you can ride it. There are no exceptions, so if you’re planning to buy a scooter or moped, one thing you’ll need to arrange insurance before you can take it out on the road. Being caught riding without valid insurance can have serious consequences and as well having to pay a fine you could have your scooter confiscated. You could even end up with a criminal record.

What kind of insurance do you need?

There are three types of scooter insurance to choose from and the price will vary depending upon which level of cover you go for. It is important to remember that the cheapest option isn’t always the best one, especially if it doesn’t provide you with all the insurance cover you need. All policies have their own limitations and exclusions so it’s important to check the cover carefully with the insurer or broker before you buy.

So, what are the three types of scooter insurance?

Third party scooter insurance

This is the minimum level of insurance required by law and often the cheapest option available.It covers you for:

  • Damage to other vehicles and property
  • Injuries to other motorists and passengers
  • The cost of third party’s medical treatment for personal injuries
  • The cost of legal claims against you.

If your scooter is damaged, you’ll have to pay for any necessary repairs or replacement out of your own pocket.

Third party fire and theft

This level of insurance offers some additional protection to the policy above and will cover you if your scooter is stolen or damaged by fire.

Comprehensive scooter insurance

As the name suggests, this is the most complete level of protection. In addition to the policies above, you’ll be covered for any damage to your scooter, including if you are involved in an incident that’s your fault.

Get a quote with Scoot Scoot

Use our comparison service to compare insurance quotes. Search over 30 insurers and brokers to find the right scooter and moped insurance for you – saving you time and money in the process!

Choose the scooter that’s right for you

If you’re planning to use your scooter for commuting in an urban setting, you’re unlikely to need maximum engine capacity. A 125cc scooter will be more economical to run, as well as to insure. High performance scooters cost more to insure because insurers know that claims are more likely, as well as more costly.

No Claims Bonus

You can earn attractive discounts if you don’t make a claim and build up No Claims Bonus on your policy. The longer you’ve gone without making a claim, the greater this discount and can add up to huge savings on your premium. It’s definitely worth bearing this in mind before making a claim if you have a minor accident with your scooter.

Add security to your scooter

Where you keep or park your scooter when not in use can affect your insurance. If possible keep it in a locked garage rather than on the street. You can minimise the risk of it being stolen by fitting an alarm, locks, chains, immobiliser and security markings. The more secure your scooter, the less chance it has of been stolen or vandalised, decreasing the need to make a claim.

Moped insurance

No matter what make or model of moped you ride you can find the most competitive deal on moped insurance using the Scoot Scoot comparison site. At Scoot Scoot, we search over 30 insurers and brokers to help find you the top deals available, so that you don’t have to!

Perhaps you’re thinking about buying your first moped and want to factor in annual insurance costs. Maybe you already own a moped and your existing policy is coming up for renewal. Whatever the reason, we’ll help you compare moped insurance so that you can find the right policy for you.

Getting a moped insurance quote only takes a few minutes. Simply provide the required information about yourself, details of the make and model of the moped and the type of policy. Submit your quote and compare prices. If you need some help or prefer to do it by phone, we’ll be happy to help.

How to reduce the cost of your scooter insurance

When working out scooter insurance premiums, insurers take into account factors such as age, where you live and occupation. You can’t do anything about your age and are unlikely to move to another area or change jobs just to save a few pounds. But there are a number of things you can do to help bring down the overall premium without compromising on your protection. Here are our top tips.

Increase you excess

Most insurance policies come with a compulsory excess, which is the amount you pay towards any claim you make. You may also have the option of taking an additional voluntary excess, which can reduce the overall cost of your insurance. However, this does mean that you’ll have to pay more towards any claim you make so it’s worth carefully weighing up the pros and cons first.

Work or pleasure?

If you use your scooter for getting to and from work on a daily basis, or use it for business use, you can expect to pay a higher annual premium than if you only ride the scooter occasionally.

Decrease your annual mileage

Insurers take into account your estimated annual mileage when working out your premium. It is important to be completely honest about the number of miles you ride and not in every case, but typically, the less miles you do the cheaper your premium.


Modified scooters could affect your insurance premium. If keeping the cost of your premium down is important, riding a standard scooter is the better option. Please note, we cannot offer a quote online if you have a modified scooter but you can call our sales number and the team will be happy to run through a quote with you over the phone.

Ride solo

You could reduce your annual premium by always riding your scooter alone. Remember that it’s against the law to carry a passenger on your scooter without appropriate insurance.

Multi riders

Most riders opt for insured only policies however, you can add additional riders to your policy. Adding an additional rider may increase your premium. Some insurers have special offers for multi-rider policies, but much will depend on who the other named riders are. Adding an older rider with no previous motoring convictions will cost less than insuring a younger rider with a poor riding history, so think carefully about who you choose to add to your policy.

Weigh up all the costs before buying

Knowing your yearly insurance cost is likely to help you decide the scooter or moped you buy. 50cc Scooter Insurance and 125cc Scooter Insurance will be cheaper than more powerful models. There are other factors that determine how much your scooter insurance will cost. It’s important to always provide honest, accurate and up to date information when you complete an online application or apply via your chosen broker or insurer. If you supply inaccurate information, it could void your policy.

Name your scooter, retrieve your quote

With Scoot Scoot you can compare insurance on a wide range of manufacturers, so whether you’re the proud new owner of a twist-and-go 50cc model, a 125cc run-around, or a full accessorised classic model, you’ll be able to compare scooter insurance prices by using our online tool.

Once you’ve entered all the relevant information, you can view your quotes. You can also save and retrieve your scooter insurance quote at a later date. You also have the opportunity to fine tune your quote and cover once you have clicked through or called the broker or insurer you select.

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