Delivery Rider insurance

As an increasingly common profession today in the UK, many people rely on motorised vehicles to work as a Delivery Rider. We provide comprehensive and professional support for anyone looking for Delivery Rider insurance today.

Protect yourself as a delivery rider with insurance

From small 50cc mopeds to more powerful engines, today many delivery riders are looking for insurance packages. As specialists in the arrangement and delivery of insurance for delivery rider, we make sure you can get the best deals regardless of the kind of vehicle you use to manage your deliveries.

From specific insurance for one vehicle to business-wide insurance with a fleet of mopeds, we are here to provide you with comprehensive support in finding the best insurance you can buy.

  • Rapid, online quotes provided for all delivery rider looking for insurance.
  • Variable policies for individuals, companies, and up to 12-month policies.
  • Perfect for anyone dealing with deliveries as part of their professional.
  • We provide delivery rider insurance for any vehicle up to a 500cc engine.
  • Unlimited mileage options, with fleet insurance for business owners.

We look to be as flexible as we can, including offers on unlimited mileage, full fleet coverage, and short-term cover with policies as short as 3-months and as long as 12-months. We give you total flexibility, making sure that your vehicles are always suitably protected when on the roads of the UK doing deliveries.

What kind of Delivery Rider insurance can we offer?

  • Third Party Insurance. Third Party insurance offers you the best protection to get you road-legal. This will provide you with insurance to cover a third party (but not yourself) in the event of a crash or an incident.
  • Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance. Provides the same depth of coverage as standard Third Party, but also includes essential insurance support for fire and theft.
  • Comprehensive Insurance. Covers you in the event of any kind of road incident. Provides you with support for third party protection, as well as support for yourself in the event if injury or physical damage to your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs to invest in delivery rider insurance?

If you intend to use a motorised vehicle for working purposes, then you should look closely at your industry. For example, anyone within the food delivery industry could get delivery rider insurance.

Anyone who is using their vehicle to provide deliveries from one location to the next should consider investing in delivery rider insurance.

What kind of deliveries can you cover?

Our insurance policy will cover companies in industries such as food and grocery delivery as well as parcel and courier delivery. Speak to us about what your business does, and we can let you know if your policies stretch to fit your business.

Can you cover electric vehicles in your policy?

Yes, we are happy to cover both electric and petrol delivery vehicles. Let us know the make and model, and we can ensure you get a fair offer for insurance.

What kind of engine size does delivery rider insurance cover?

At the moment, our maximum engine size coverage for delivery rider insurance is a 500cc engine.

Can I just use basic bike insurance for deliveries?

No, to be fully covered and protected you should look to invest in support in the form of delivery rider insurance. You will not be covered on your standard insurance policy if you use your delivery vehicle for a business purpose.

Do I need Hire and Reward insurance?

Since Hire and Reward insurance is a step up from typical business insurance, it is not always what you need. Many times, it can actually cause issues to step up to H&R insurance. Contact us if you need more assistance in working out the differences.