Is motorbike insurance cheaper than car insurance?

One of the main benefits of choosing a scooter or motorbike is its cost efficiency. Not only do they use less petrol, they are cheaper tax and repair. Most importantly, motorbike insurance is considerably cheaper than car insurance. When you’re a young rider or you’re new to the road, this can make a massive difference.

Insurance for young riders

Both car and motorbike insurance are expensive for young people. This is because there’s plenty of evidence to show they’re a greater risk to insure. Most notably, they have more accidents than older, more experienced road users. Insurers charge more to insure young road users because there’s more chance they’ll have to pay out on a claim.

Unless you’ve got financial help, getting a vehicle on the road can be very expensive. Generally, cars are more expensive to buy than scooters or motorcycles, especially if you were planning on getting a new model. So scooters make a much more cost-effective option. Plus, the insurance will be closer to £1000 instead of the £3-4000 it will cost to insure a car.

We are sometimes asked is motorbike insurance cheaper than car insurance? This depends on which motorbike and car. You can start riding a motorbike a year earlier than you can drive a car. Before the age of 17 you can only ride a 50cc motorbike, but these are great for getting around town. They’re very cheap to insure and put on the road, and it’ll give you a chance to get some experience. And if you manage to go that first year without making a claim, you’ll get a discount on next year’s insurance. This can make a massive difference, especially if you’re looking to move up to a 125cc motorbike.

Learning to ride a motorbike is much cheaper and easier than learning to drive a car. Rather than taking lessons until an instructor feels you’re ready to take the test, you complete a one-day training course called a CBT. This teaches you enough theoretical and practical knowledge to get on the road. Riding a motorbike means you can be on the road in days, instead of weeks or months. Plus, if you take an advanced training course, some insurance providers might offer you a discount on your premium.

How can I get the cheapest insurance?

we are often asked how to get cheap motorbike insurance? The best way to find the cheapest insurance is to compare the market. If you’re new to insurance this can be very confusing, so Scoot Scoot offers to do it for you. They use the details you provide when buying the bike to work out the best deals. Finding the cheapest insurance can save you hundreds of pounds, which can make all the difference when you’re young. We also offer delivery rider insurance.

The main reason young people choose scooters and motorbikes over cars is because they’re easier and cheaper to run. This is especially true of the cost to insure them, as cars can be very expensive for new drivers. Choosing to ride a scooter for a few years is a great way to get experience, and to get cheaper premiums.