Insurance for scooters

Insurance for scooters

As well as being fun to ride, scooters are cheap to run – although one cost you can’t avoid is insurance. It’s illegal to ride a scooter on UK roads without insurance and the consequences for doing so can be serious. Fortunately, insurance for scooters is cheaper than most other road vehicles – but only if you can find the right policy. This is where we can help.

As one of the top scooter insurance sites in the UK, we’re experts in finding great deals. We only deal with scooter insurance, and every day we help customers source low-cost insurance for scooters. So, whether you’re a first time scooter owner or looking to switch from your existing insurer, we can definitely help. We even offer electric moped insurance.

Getting a quote

To arrange a free, no-obligation scooter insurance quote, Simply fill out the online form, giving some details about yourself and your scooter. Applying is quick and easy and you’ll be able to retrieve your quote in minutes. If you want help with your application or prefer to do it over the phone, just give us a call. Either way, once you receive your quote you can review the policy and check it covers everything you need. Only proceed if you’re happy with the terms of the policy and the annual premium.

Your personalised policy

We help you search and compare scooter insurance to suit all kinds of riders and for all types of scooters. We also offer delivery rider insurance. Your quote is based on the information you provide and tailored to your requirements, so take care with your answers. You’ll have to give your name and address, age, occupation and what type of licence you hold. You’ll also have to say what level of insurance you want: third party, third party fire and theft or comprehensive.

State the make and model of your scooter and include any other relevant information. What sort of annual mileage do you clock up? Do you use your scooter to commute? How many years have you held your licence, and do you have any penalty points? Please give honest answers as this will prevent problems if you need to make a claim in future.

Which type of insurance?

When it comes to choosing insurance for scooters, you have three options:

  • Third party – typically the cheapest cover, you’re insured for third party injury and damage to the other vehicle, but not your own. Personal injury isn’t covered with third party only.
  • Third party fire and theft – the next level up, this policy also insures you against your scooter being stolen or damaged in a fire.
  • Comprehensive – offers complete cover for you, your scooter, as well as third party injury and damage to vehicle. You will also be insured for all repair and replacement costs for your scooter.

Low cost insurance for scooters

Because we have access to a wide network of specialist insurers, we source the best quotes at the lowest prices. In fact, if you’ve already looked elsewhere, we’ll beat your cheapest scooter insurance quote – and that’s a promise. Whether you ride a twist-and-go, a 125cc scooter or a classic Lambretta, you can’t lose!