Laid up Motorcycle insurance

Sadly, life in Britain means your bike can spend a lot of time laid up. Is your bike classed as SORN? Then make sure your bike is still protected with our specialist laid up motorcycle insurance coverage. Regardless of the reasons your bike is off the road, our insurance can cover you for any purpose you have in mind.

Protect your laid up motorcycle with the right insurance

When your bike is laid up or SORN, you want to make sure that it is still properly cared for. This can be a challenging issue, though, which is why we highly recommend you invest in laid up motorcycle insurance. This gives you fire and theft protections, letting you know that the bike is stored away with total protection. Now, in the event of a disaster or a break-in, you know that your bike is going to be repaired and/or replaced to your satisfaction.

  • Flexible laid up motorcycle insurance, easy to upgrade when back on road.
  • Policies that can stretch up to 12 months for long-term peace of mind.
  • Covers all typical bike types, from 50cc mopeds to bespoke motorbikes.
  • Covers just about any typical motorbike make and age group.

Knowing that your bike is safe to use once the winter rolls in is very important indeed. With our laid up motorcycle insurance, you know that your bike is safe for the long-term. Now, with our help, you know that your bike is safe in the event of anything going wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does SORN mean?

SORN stands for Statutory Off Road Notice. It means that you have declared that your vehicle is not on the road, ensuring that it is not seen as a vehicle in-use and thus minimises your running costs.

Does my bike have to be SORN to get laid up motorcycle insurance?

Yes, to take on laid up motorcycle insurance you need to have your bike declared as SORN beforehand. You can do this via the DVLA.

Do I need a riding license to get laid up motorcycle insurance?

Yes, even if your vehicle is off the road we still must see proof of your correct riding license before committing to a laid up motorcycle insurance policy.

Is my protected when I have laid up motorcycle insurance?

Yes, your bike is protected in the event of a fire or loss of property thanks to a break-in or theft.

Can I drive my motorbike with laid up motorcycle insurance?

No, your bike when declared as SORN cannot be driven. You would need to adjust your laid up motorcycle insurance to a policy that covers active, on the road vehicles instead.

Can I get laid up motorcycle insurance with a modified bike?

Every case is taken on its own merits, with our team happy to look at any changes you have made so we can make the best decision.

Where should I store my bike when I have laid up motorcycle insurance?

We suggest that you use somewhere private, such as your garage or an outbuilding. If your vehicle must reside outdoors when off-road, we will consider the best solution for all parties.