Cheap Bike Insurance

Cheap Bike Insurance

We can help you find a great deal on motorcycle insurance. Whether you’re a new owner and looking for cheap bike insurance, or it’s time to renew your annual policy. Every day, we help motorcycle and scooter owners find cheap bike insurance. Search the UK wide network of top insurers to find yourself a great deal. We cover all brands including triumph motorcycle insurance and yamaha insurance. We also offer delivery rider insurance. We only deal with bike insurance, nothing else, and all the information we provide is totally impartial.

Finding cheap bike insurance doesn’t have to be a time-consuming exercise. You don’t need to trawl through dozens of different sites and filling in a new application form each time. With our specialist site, you only have to fill in one online form. You can then search quotes from some of the main bike insurers in the country. Applying for a quote is simple, quick, totally free. You’re under no obligation to accept any of the quotes you do retrieve. You can get started straight away by clicking the ‘get a quote’ tab on this page. Comparing bike insurance is our business and we’re always happy to assist.

You and your bike

Cheap bike insurance doesn’t mean having to accept the bare minimum in terms of cover. You can have bike insurance that is personalised to your specific usage. Rather than opt for a one-size-fits-all policy that may include paying for features you don’t need. The application form is an opportunity to get a quote that is right for you. So please consider each section carefully and provide accurate and up to date information at all times. You’ll have to provide some personal details, including your name, age, marital status. You may have to prove also occupation, address, and some information about the bike.

You’ll also have to choose which type of insurance cover you want (see our guide below) and give some details about your bike usage, the type of licence you hold, annual mileage, what the bike is used for, where it is stored overnight, and the names and details of any other riders who you want to include in the policy. Once you’ve completed and submitted the form you won’t have long to wait to receive your insurance quotes and could have cover in place sooner than you imagined! We even offer electric moped insurance.

Three types of bike insurance

The three types of bike insurance are as follows:

  • Third party: this is the minimum level of cover you need to ride legally on UK roads. It insures you against liability and/or damage to third party property but not for any personal injury or damage to your bike.
  • Third party fire and theft: offers the same level of protection but also insures you against your bike being stolen or damaged by fire.
  • Comprehensive: in addition to the first two types of cover, a comprehensive policy insures you against personal injury and may include the cost of medical care. Repairs to your bike or the cost of replacing it if written off are also features of this policy. Some policies may also include breakdown cover and insure your bike leathers.

How to reduce your bike insurance premium

Your insurance quote is based on a number of factors, and while you may not be able to move to a lower-risk area or change jobs, there are ways to affect the cost of your premium.

  • Opt to pay a higher voluntary excess against any future claims. Typically, agreeing to pay more excess will reduce the price of your premium, just make sure you can afford the excess.
  • Opt for a lower annual mileage. High mileage riders run a greater risk of being involved in an accident and making a claim on their policy and will often pay a higher premium on their policy.
  • Opt to ride a less powerful bike. High performance bikes are likely to attract a higher premium because they cost more to repair or replace.

Discounts and special offers

When you retrieve your quote for bike insurance, you’ll be able to easily compare what insurers are offering by way of incentives or discounts. Most will offer a discount for a no-claims record but look for other policy features that are included in the price instead of being add-ons. These can include full breakdown cover, reduced premiums for older riders or those with an advanced bike riding skills, discounts for low mileage riders, and special multi-rider policies.

Apply today for cheap bike insurance

Applying for bike insurance is straightforward and you’ll have a choice of no-obligation quotes in next to no time. If you do decide to proceed, be sure to check everything first to make sure the policy gives you the right level of cover.