Delivery Fleet Insurance

Delivery fleet insurance

As home deliveries become more and more common, so do delivery fleets. We can provide you with all of the support you need to find affordable, flexible delivery fleet insurance to suit your entire fleet of vehicles. From a small takeaway to a multi-use delivery business, we are here to support any business operating within the deliveries industry.

Looking to insure a fleet of mopeds and scooters?

When you run a business that revolves around deliveries, knowing that your drivers and vehicles are safe on the road is very important indeed. We provide delivery fleet insurance for anyone within the delivery industry. From couriers to takeaway food outlets to parcel deliveries and grocery deliveries, our delivery fleet insurance covers numerous industries.

We also make sure that our coverage is flexible, covering all two-wheelers up to a top engine power of 500cc. If you want to ensure that your fleet of drivers are safe on the roads of the UK, our delivery fleet insurance policies offer total flexibility and control.

  • Dedicated for businesses with a fleet of two-wheel vehicles in use.
  • Suitable for anyone from parcel delivery to food outlets and more.
  • Covers both normal two-wheelers and electric equivalents when needed.
  • Ideal for small to businesses to nationwide delivery firms.
  • Business and premises insurance also available as extra.

Having the knowledge that your vehicles are properly cared for is a huge boon for any business owner. With our help, then, you can keep both your riders and their vehicles safe on the road and protected in the event of an incident taking place during a delivery drop-off. We also offer delivery rider insurance and electric moped insurance.. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you.

Make the most of your business with delivery fleet insurance

Thanks to our competitive pricing, you can get all of the assistance you need to run a fleet of delivery vehicles at great cost. We offer discount deals for those with multiple vehicles to cover, ensuring that you always get the best deal. Add in our flexible and diverse policies for any vehicle, and any number of vehicles, up to 500cc in engine power and you can see how easy this is to manage.

Save yourself time and effort when setting up insurance policies for years to come. Get a fleet-wide policy that covers all of your vehicles, petrol or electric. Keep your staff safe, your deliveries secure, and your business operating at peak performance with delivery fleet insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to how many vehicles delivery fleet insurance can cover?

No, we do not set an upper or lower limit for quantity of vehicles. We are able to cater our policies to all sizes of fleets.

Can I include cars or vans in my delivery fleet insurance?

No, at the moment we have a maximum engine capacity of 500cc for any vehicles allowed in our delivery fleet insurance policies.

Can I include bikes and mopeds in my delivery fleet insurance?

Yes, we are happy to cover a variety of vehicles up to 500cc in engine power. You do not have to only one type of two-wheel vehicle.

What kind of businesses can delivery fleet insurance cover?

We consider any business that is involved in deliveries as eligible. This includes food delivery services, takeaway food outlets, and non-food firms such as parcel deliveries, grocery deliveries etc. – you can contact us to find out if your business falls under our set criteria.

Do you cover electric vehicles as part of delivery fleet insurance coverage?

Yes, we are happy to provide electric vehicle coverage alongside more atypical petrol vehicle options.

How do I pay for my delivery fleet insurance?

We provide monthly payment solutions as well as annual payment options for those who want to find the right payment plan for them.