How much is insurance for a 50cc moped?

Insurance for a 50cc moped can be very expensive, particularly for young road users. Insurance costs more because there’s more chance of young drivers having a crash, mainly due to their lack of experience. The cost of insurance is affected by dozens of different factors, but one of the biggest is engine size.

Mopeds with smaller engines are cheaper to insure than more powerful motorbikes. Not only is this because they can’t go as fast, but also because they’re cheaper to repair. The engine on a 500cc moped is a lot simpler than a proper motorbike, and so doesn’t take as long to fix.

Do you need insurance for a moped? Yes you do by UK law. It is illegal to ride on public roads without insurance.

How much insurance for a 50cc moped?

How much is insurance on a 50cc scooter? There isn’t a definitive answer to how much is insurance for a 50cc scooter, mainly because it depends on you and the bike. While everyone has different premiums, the average cost of scooter insurance is £279 a year. This is based on an average of different levels of cover for a 50cc moped. There are three levels of cover, and each is more expensive than the last:

  • Third Party only. This is the most basic level of cover, and only covers damage to other vehicles. It also covers injury to any other road users involved in an accident. While this is the cheapest level, it doesn’t give you any options for claiming for your own damage.
  • Third Party, fire and theft. This level has all the same features as Third Party only, but it also gives you the option to claim for damage caused to your scooter by fire, or if it’s stolen. This level isn’t much more expensive, and can be useful because your scooter would be written off in either of those situations.
  • Fully Comprehensive. This is the most expensive level of cover, and gives the same features as both of the other levels. It also gives you the option to claim for damage to your scooter, regardless of who’s at fault for the accident. This is the most expensive level of cover, but can make a big difference on a new scooter. You can also buy add-ons that allow you to claim for your injuries.

Your use of the moped will also affect how much is your moped insurance. If you’re using it for riding to work, you’ll need Social and Commuting, but if you only want to see friends you’ll need Social. Social is the cheapest use and is a good way to cut down on insurance costs. While 50cc mopeds are great for getting around town, it’s unlikely you’ll be making long journeys on it. This also means you’ll have a low annual mileage, which will make your premium cheaper. We even offer electric moped insurance.

50cc mopeds are the cheapest vehicles to put on the road. This is mostly due to their low top speed and small engine, but also because they’re easy to repair. If you’re young or new to the road, they can be a great way of getting around.