Motorbike Insurance

Motorbike Insurance

As a specialist site for motorbike insurance, we help you to compare the best deals. Using the search and compare service, you’ll have access to some of the country’s top insurance providers. You’re sure of finding a policy to match your exact needs at a premium you can afford. We focus only on motorbike and scooter insurance rates. We will narrow down the field of insurers on your behalf. So you don’t have to spend time searching through numerous sites for the right policy. We’re also totally independent. This means we don’t try and steer you towards one particular provider. The motorbike insurance quotes you receive will be based on the information that you provide. This leaves you to pick the policy that suits you best.

Our site is free to use. You’re under no obligation to accept any of the motorbike insurance quotes. Requesting a quote is done online and only takes a few minutes. You’ll have to provide a few details about yourself. Some information about the make and model of motorbike you want to insure. You’ll also need to select the type of insurance cover you want. You’ll only have to enter your details once to access over 40 leading insurers. Once you’ve submitted your form, we’ll get to work. We will find the most competitive motorbike insurance available. We’ve already helped thousands of riders. We will find a policy that delivers on price without compromising on cover. We’re confident we can do the same for you. We even offer electric moped insurance.

Do you need motorbike insurance?

Yes, is the short answer. UK law states that it is illegal to ride a motorbike on the road without it first being taxed and properly insured. We’ll explain the three main types of insurance policy available and what each one covers in the section below, but it’s important to note that if you’re found to be riding a motorbike without insurance you’re likely to face a heavy fine, accrue penalty points, and have your bike impounded. This could also cost you more for motorbike insurance in future.

The three main types of insurance

When it comes to motorbike insurance, you have three options and the one you choose may depend on a range of factors, such as how often you plan to use the bike and for what purpose; whether you do a lot of mileage in a year, and where you keep the bike when not in use. At Scooter Insurance, we’ll help you find the policy that aligns with your needs and usage. The three types of policy are as follows:

  • Third party insurance: this provides you with basic cover, insuring you for liability against injury to a third party if you have an accident, as well as covering damage to property. Third party doesn’t cover damage to your bike or you for any personal injury or the cost of any treatment you require. Typically, the cheapest type of insurance policy available, it is also the minimum level of insurance you need to legally ride on UK roads.
  • Third party fire and theft: with this policy you get the same level of cover as above with additional cover for theft of your motorbike or damage by fire. Conditions may vary with different insurers.
  • Comprehensive motorbike insurance: this is the most expensive of the three types of insurance policy but is the one that provides you with the optimum cover. You’ll be insured against personal injury, including some medical costs and your bike will be fully covered for repairs or replacement. Many insurers will also pay for the hire of a bike while your own one is being repaired.

Discounts and special deals on motorbike insurance

How much is motorbike insurance for a 17 year old? Motorbike insurance prices depends on many factors. We can not only quickly compare the price of premiums, you can also see what ‘extras’ the different insurers are offering. Most companies will offer discounts for riders who have a record of zero claims, but you can also look for special rates for low mileage riders, and multi-rider policy discounts. Great for first time riders, The comparison tool is also ideal if you have a policy that’s coming up for renewal and you want to see if you can find a better deal elsewhere.

Choose the policy that’s right for you

Our streamlined application process makes it quick and simple to source motorbike insurance cover that provides you with the type of policy that is tailored to your needs. To ensure you get the best deal possible, however, please answer all questions truthfully. The quote you receive is based on the information you provide and any inaccuracies or misleading information that come to light in future, could render your policy invalid. Double check all your answers before submitting your form and read through all the terms and conditions of the motorbike insurance policy you are offered before agreeing to go ahead.

Some ways to cut the cost of your premium

If you have to buy or renew a bike insurance online, here are some common sense ways to reduce the cost of your premium:

Shop around with Scooter Insurance

We help to make comparing motorcycle insurance quotes easy. We have access to a network of over 40 top providers to track down the best deals.

Pay more in voluntary excess

By agreeing to pay a higher amount in excess. Excess is fixed sum you contribute to any claim you make. By doing this you can usually lower your overall premium.

Avoid making minor claims

Paying for any minor repairs out of your own pocket instead of claiming on your policy means you can build up your no-claims’ record. This can save you money in future, especially if you switch providers.

Reduce your mileage

By agreeing to stay below a set annual mileage, some providers will offer discounts on motorbike insurance simply because, statistically, the less you ride your motorbike, the less chance you have of being involved in an accident and having to make a claim.