Quad Bike Insurance

Quad bikes were originally designed as all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). They are used mainly by agricultural and forestry workers, but they have since become increasingly popular with off-road enthusiasts. As well as being practical, quad bikes are fun to ride and can also be used on main roads. Although riders need a car driver’s licence to do so. Because of their multi-purpose nature it can be hard to find a quad bike insurance policy. A number of mainstream providers don’t even write insurance policies for quad bikes. Fortunately, that’s where we can help.

We specialise in sourcing great deals on insurance for all types of bikes, including quad bikes. If you’ve had trouble finding quad bike insurance in the past or want to save yourself the hassle apply today. You can use the online form to get a personalised quad bike insurance quote from the network of specialist providers. You only have to fill in a single form to trigger a search of insurers providers. We can find insurance whether you only ride your quad off-road, on the road, or a mixture of the two.

Types of quad bike

The three main types of quad bike include a classic ATV sit-astride style quad with a straddle seat and handlebars. The buggy style or side-by-side quad that has a steering wheel, roll cage, and space for storage and passengers. The road-legal quad that may combine the features of the previous two types and complies with UK road safety standards. It’s important to note that to ride a quad on the road in the UK, the vehicle must be type-approved. It also needs to be taxed, insured, and have an MOT certificate. Whichever type of quad you own and whether you use it for work or leisure, you can search and compare bike insurance quotes right here.

You and your quad

How to get cheap motorbike insurance? We are able to search for both quad and motorbike insurance. You could get a discount if you have both with multi bike insurance. To get a quad bike insurance quote that accurately reflects your usage and gives you the optimum level of cover, make sure the answers you give on the form are accurate and up to date. If you accept a quote and have given false or misleading information in the meantime, this could render your policy invalid in future, so please be 100% honest when requesting a quote.

As well as your name and address, age, occupation, some details about your quad usage and the type of licence you hold, you’ll have to say what type of quad you want to insure and whether or not you require a multi-rider policy. You’ll also have to state the market value of the vehicle, where the quad is stored when not in use and what sort of insurance cover you require from third party, third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive.

Insuring an off-road quad bike

It’s illegal in the UK to ride a quad on the road unless it is type-approved ( road legal) so most providers only offer third party insurance on agricultural or commercial policies. Private or domestic off-road quad users will be offered fire and theft cover only for the address where the bike is kept.

Insuring a road-legal quad

As stated above, you need a driver’s licence to ride a quad on UK roads and the vehicle must be taxed, have a current MOT, and be properly insured. The minimum level of insurance is third party only. This applies even if you only use the quad occasionally on the road unless you apply for a SORN (statutory off road notification) certificate.

Three main types of insurance

The three main types of insurance cover are as follows:

  • Third party only. This insures you against personal liability for injury to a third party or damage to third party property but does not insure you for personal injury or damage to your quad.
  • Third party fire and theft. With this policy and in addition to the above, your quad will be insured against damage by fire or theft.
  • Comprehensive insurance. This offer the greatest level of cover and in addition to the previous two, will insure you for personal injury as well as the cost of repairing or replacing your quad.

What else?

When applying for your quad bike insurance quote, you may want to include full break down cover. You may also include motor legal cover, insurance for multiple riders and for work-related use.

We’re here to help

We operate independently of all providers and will never try and steer you towards a particular insurer. Our service is free to use and all quad bike insurance quotes are provided on a no-obligation basis.