Quad Bike Insurance

Quad Bike Insurance

More and more British riders are taking to the roads on quad bikes. If you are looking to get on the roads of the UK on a quad bike, our experienced quad bike insurance providers can help you to get the best deal possible.

Protect all four wheels with quad bike insurance

If you intend to drive a quad bike on the road, then you need to have insurance. Not only is this a legal requirement, but it ensures that you can drive with total confidence in yourself. We are a specialist team of expert quad bike insurance providers. This allows us to give you advice that we know ensures you get the best possible quote for your insurance needs.

We cover all road legal quad bike and ATV vehicles. Regardless of the make or the purpose, we will be happy to provide you with a quote to ensure you get the best deal possible on your insurance needs.

  • We provide you with the best deals on our quad bike insurance website.
  • We cover all road legal quad bikes and ATV vehicles.
  • Personal, agricultural, and business quad bike insurance is covered.
  • Insurance options from third party to fully comprehensive cover.
  • Personal accident and excess protection options are available, also.
  • SORN and laid-up coverage is provided.

What kinds of quad bike insurance can we provide?

  • Third Party Insurance. Third party insurance is the go-to choice for those who need basic, affordable quad bike insurance. This covers you for any third-party damage or injury. However, this will not insure you for vehicle damage or personal injury.
  • Third Party Fire & Theft Insurance. This more thorough coverage provides you with all of the benefits of Third Party Insurance, with protection for fire-r elated damage to your quad bike. This also covers you for insurance in the event of your vehicle being stolen.
  • Comprehensive Insurance. Fully comprehensive quad bike coverage provides you with complete and thorough insurance. This covers all third party claims, as well as accidental damage to your vehicle in the event of any incident taking place.

We can also offer additional support in the form of breakdown coverage, excess protections, personal accident coverage, and helmet and leathers cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to legally ride a quad bike in the UK?

To ride a quad bike or ATV, you need to hold at least a Category B license, or a B1 license if your license was issued before January 1997. It might also be DVLA-registered, fully taxed, pass an MOT inspection, and have quad bike insurance.

Is quad bike insurance a legal requirement?

Yes, you must have quad bike insurance if you wish to drive on the road.

What age can I get quad bike insurance from?

You are able to receive quad bike insurance from our service if you are aged 21 to 75.

Can I carry a passenger on my quad bike?

Passengers on quad bikes are legal so long as you have pillion cover and you declare your intention to use your quad bike in this manner. The quad bike must also have the required functions to carry a passenger safely.