Triumph Motorcycle Insurance

Triumph Motorcycle Insurance

Triumph is a legendary name in motorcycling circles. The British made Triumph continues a tradition for style, innovation and performance. Triumph goes all the way back to 1902 when the first model was produced. With models such as the Bonneville, Thunderbird 900, Thruxton, Rocket lll cruiser, and Tiger 800. The brand has also boasted many celebrity fans over the years, including Bob Dylan, Marlon Brando, Elvis, and Steve McQueen. We can make sure your prized possession is properly insured by sourcing a great deal. We also can search for Suzuki motorcycle insurance

As a specialist motorcycle insurance site, we help Triumph owners compare insurance policies. We’re confident we can find you the best Triumph motorcycle insurance deal out there. By best, we mean a suitable policy at the lowest possible price. We only compare motorbike insurance and scooter insurance. Apply for a free, no obligation quote using our online form. You’ll get access to all the top insurers without having to search each and every one yourself. Every day, we save motorcycle riders time and money by finding them the perfect insurance deal.

Get a free, no obligation quote

To get your Triumph motorcycle insurance quote, simply state the make and model of Triumph you want to insure. Also provide a few personal details. Then select the type of policy you want from third party, third party fire and theft, or fully comprehensive. If you prefer to apply by phone. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and one of the team will be happy to assist. As an independent site, we don’t point you in the direction of any one insurer. Our job is to track down the best deals and let you decide which one ticks all the right boxes. Apply for Triumph insurance today, and you can have your personalised policy confirmed sooner than you think.

Choose your policy

Whether you’re a new rider looking to take out your first ever triumph motorcycle insurance policy or already have a policy and want to find a better deal, we can help you get a quote in next to no time. But first, you have to choose the type of cover you want from one of the following:

  • Third party insurance: this is the least expensive type of policy and is the minimum level of cover you require to legally ride your motorbike on UK roads. It covers you against liability for any injury to a third party sustained in an accident, and damage to his or her property. Third party doesn’t insure you for personal injury and you’ll have to pay for repairs to your bike from your own pocket.
  • Third party fire and theft: with this policy, in addition to the level of cover listed above, you’ll be insured for damage to your bike in a fire or if it is stolen, although certain conditions on storage may apply.
  • Comprehensive motorcycle insurance: as the name implies, this type of policy can cover a wide range of eventualities, including personal injury, medical expenses, and the cost of repairing or replacing your motorbike. Other benefits can include cover for multi-riders, and the cost of hiring a replacement bike if yours is off the road for repairs.

Check for discounts and special deals

Our site also allows you to see and compare what discounts or special deals the various insurers are offering as an extra incentive to new customers. If you are looking for a better deal than you are on at the moment you could save money by looking for a no-claims discount. Some companies offer lower premiums for low mileage riders, or have special multi-rider deals. Others offer discounts for riders aged 35 and over.

Your tailored Triumph insurance policy

Can you pay motorcycle insurance monthly? Yes you can. By using the application form you can make sure your policy aligns with your typical usage and gives you the right level of cover for both yourself and your motorbike. Our form is quick and easy to use, but please take the time to check you’ve given accurate and up to date information about yourself, the make and model of bike, your yearly mileage, where the bike is stored overnight, and any other details you’re asked to provide. This way you can get a policy that matches your needs and comes in at the right price.

Some ways you can save on your premium

Your annual premium can be affected by a range of factors, including how much mileage you do in a year, where you live, your occupation, and where your bike is stored when not in use. You may not be able to do much about where you live, but there are other ways to keep on top of insurance costs. The first one is to let us shop around for the best deal on Triumph insurance. Other things you can do include:

  • Volunteering to pay a higher excess on any claims you make is likely to reduce your annual premium.
  • Avoid making claims for minor repairs or damage as this will impact on your record and you won’t be able to take advantage of a zero claims discount that most insurers offer when you renew your policy.
  • Clocking up fewer miles in a year reduces your chance of being in an accident, a fact many insurers recognise by offering lower premiums for low mileage riders.

Apply today for Triumph motorcycle insurance

You don’t need to stick with a bloated insurance policy or pay over the odds for a new one to get the cover you want for your Triumph. One form is all it takes to search and compare from over 40 top lenders and find the deal that suits you best.