AJS Bike Insurance

AJS bike Insurance

If you are someone who owns an AJS bike, then you will know yourself just how good they can be to ride. However, like any other vehicle, you must make sure it is covered with both tax and insurance. To help you with the latter, we have developed an easy to use AJS insurance comparison tool.

Simply enter into your details, and the Scoot Scoot insurance comparison tool will quickly and easily locate what you are looking for. Pick from a wide and varied range of AJS coverage providers, and get yourself the best deal on essential road cover today.

Keep your ride on the road with AJS insurance

With many years of experience, AJS bikes have become recognised as an excellent learner legal brand. These can provide you with affordable mopeds that run from 50cc to 125cc, ranging from smaller mopeds to motorcycles. You can easily ride most AJS bikes with a CBT to A category license, depending on your previous driving experience and age.

They make a great brand to pick up when you want something safe, affordable, reliable, and suitable for younger and newer riders.

If you want to make sure you can ride any AJS vehicle, you should make sure you have valid AJS insurance. By using our insurance comparison tool for AJS bikes, you can easily make sure that this is the case. Take a look today, and see for yourself what you could get with our policy comparison tool.

  • Secure your AJS vehicle with the help of an insurance program that is tailored to you.
  • Locate the right deals from trusted, respected insurance providers in the UK.
  • Make sure you are protected with the right level and depth of cover to suit your needs.
  • Reduce the risk of riding by adding in extra offers and add-ons that you might desire.

AJS insurance policy options

Owning an AJS is a good idea, but making sure you have valid AJS insurance is very important. Before you choose a policy, though, we recommend you think closely about what kind of policy you need. Typically, all forms of AJS coverage fall into one of three categories:

  • Third Party Insurance. This basic level of protection and cover gives you protection from any third party claims made against your AJS ride.
  • Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance. This offers you thorough insurance that can protect your AJS ride from fire and theft damage today.
  • Comprehensive Insurance. This offers you the most detailed cover for any AJS. Now, you know that you are protected from third party claims and can also make personal claims.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can I drive my AJS?

You can start riding just about any AJS from the age of 16 (50cc) and 17 (125cc). Check with the DVLA or with your riding instructor about what you can and cannot ride.

Do I need a license to ride my AJS?

Yes, you must make sure that you have valid licensing to ride any AJS vehicle. Most AJSs are 50cc to 125cc, meaning that most can ride them using only a CBT license. However, you should always check your individual circumstance beforehand.

Do I need AJS insurance to ride my vehicle?

Yes, anyone who has chosen to ride an AJS vehicle must make sure that it carries valid insurance beforehand. You must also pick up tax to cover your chosen AJS.

AJS Bike Insurance Range