Ajs Desert Scrambler 125 Insurance

As the owner of a Ajs Desert Scrambler 125, you will know yourself just how fun this bike can be to ride. It is a classic example of what Ajs has done for years, and is a remarkable commemoration of the work done by Mike Jackson when he took part in the 1971 Barstow to Vegas race. The vehicle is a tremendous starting place for most people who want something a bit more high-power than your average 125cc.

However, it is imperative that you invest in Ajs Desert Scrambler 125 before you drive a single metre. Use our insurance comparison tool today, though, and you can easily remove the risk of driving without insurance.

Keep your ride on the road with Ajs Desert Scrambler 125 insurance

With a well-regarded history and an inspirational design, the Ajs Desert Scrambler 125 has become a very popular choice today. It is well loved because it offers a Euro 5 compliant engine mixed in with very affordable fuel economy and lasting riding comfort. If you are going to be riding for some time then something like this can offer you all of the comfort and support that you need along the way to simply enjoy the experience.

If you are someone who is keen to become a more well-rounded rider, then you will wish to take a look at getting Ajs Desert Scrambler 125 insurance. Give yourself extra peace of mind that you are suitably safe and secure as you head out into the world to enjoy your riding experience like never before.

  • Make sure your Ajs Desert Scrambler 125 is protected with valid insurance cover.
  • Choose from various different policies to help cover any budget or intention.
  • Add on extra coverage, such as multi-bike cover, with absolute simplicity.
  • Remove the challenge of finding Ajs Desert Scrambler 125 insurance tailored to you.

Ajs Desert Scrambler 125 insurance policy options

Like other riders, you might find yourself uncertain about what the best level of insurance cover will be. If you want a hand in making sure you are happy with the end result, then we highly recommend that you take a look at finding Ajs Desert Scrambler 125 insurance in one of the following forms:

  • Third Party Insurance. Basic cover that allows you to ride but only protects you in the event of someone making a third party claim.
  • Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance. Excellent for those who want extra peace of mind with third party support and fire/theft protection.
  • Comprehensive Insurance. Offers you detailed and thorough protection for both personal and third party claims against your Desert Scrambler.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can I drive my Ajs Desert Scrambler 125?

You can start riding a Ajs Desert Scrambler 125 from the age of 17.

Do I need a license to ride my Ajs Desert Scrambler 125?

Yes, you must make sure you have a valid CBT license at least before riding the Ajs Desert Scrambler 125.

Do I need Ajs Desert Scrambler 125 insurance to ride my vehicle?

Yes, you must make sure that your vehicle has been provided with valid tax and insurance before doing anything else.

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