How much to insure a 125cc motorcycle?

Insurance is a legal requirement for any vehicle that you want to put on the road. It’s important not only for protection for yourself, but also for any other vehicles. Insurance needs to be active before you can ride your motorcycle. Scoot Scoot provide a price comparison service to make sure you’re getting cheap motorcycle insurance

Insurance premiums

We are sometimes asked who has the cheapest motorcycle insurance? Insurance premiums vary massively in price from one company to another, and are affected by dozens of rating factors. Your insurance company won’t tell you about these rating factors, and they’re mostly things you don’t have much control over. Some of the most important rating factors are:

  • Engine size. The more powerful your motorbike, the higher your insurance will be. This is because more powerful vehicles are deemed to be a higher risk. So a 125cc motorcycle will be more expensive to insure than a 50cc scooter.
  • Your age. Younger riders are considered to be a greater risk to insure than older riders. If nothing else, this is because older riders are assumed to be more experienced on the road. As you get older you’ll notice your premium dropping.
  • Your use of the motorcycle. If you plan to use your motorbike for driving to work, or as a work vehicle for business, your insurance will cost more than if you were just to use it for social journeys.
  • The level of cover you need. This determines who can claim on your policy, and for what. The most basic level is the cheapest, but more expensive levels of cover give you more options for claiming for damage.
  • No claims bonus. If you’re a young rider, or new to the road, this isn’t something you’ll have. But for every year that you don’t claim on your policy, you’ll be given a discount on your premium. After a few years this can make a massive difference.

How much will 125cc insurance cost?

Although there’s no set answer to how much motorcycle insurance will cost, you can probably expect to pay around £1000 for a year of cover. This might seem like quite a lot of money, but it can be more manageable if you choose to pay monthly. This isn’t a definite number either; this is just an average cost. Scoot Scoot will compare the market for you to make sure you’re getting the best deal on the cover you need.

One of the best things you can do to bring down the cost of insurance is to volunteer a higher excess. You pay excess if you need to claim on your policy, and some insurers will ask for a compulsory excess. The higher your voluntary excess, the lower your premium will be.

Insuring a 125cc motorcycle might seem expensive, especially when the premium costs more than the vehicle itself, but it’s necessary for getting the bike on the road. Comparing the market will help you get the best deal, but Scoot Scoot will do this for you when you buy your motorbike.