Electric Motorbike insurance

Electric Motorbike insurance

Growing in popularity today, the electric motorbike is increasingly common on the roads of the UK. We can provide you with expert assistance in landing the best electric motorbike insurance possible.

Experts in electric motorbike insurance

When you are looking for an easy way to secure electric motorbike insurance, you need to find experts who understand what you are looking for. We are specialists in the delivery of electric motorbike insurance, with years of expertise in pairing riders with the best insurance quote that we can. We also offer delivery rider insurance and electric moped insurance.

To help you make sure you can get the best support you need, contact us today to discuss your options with regards to electric motorbike insurance. From small city bikes to more powerful electric motorbike options, we have coverage solutions for everyone.

  • We are specialists in the selection and delivery of electric motorbike insurance.
  • We provide you with the best deals via our online website.
  • We provide multi-bike coverage so you can protect more than one electric motorbike.
  • A dedicated support team with legal support and services included.
  • Additional coverage options, including breakdown and personal accident coverage.

To ensure you always get the best electric motorbike insurance, we provide additional support such as personal accident cover and excess protection. We also offer helmet and leathers cover. Contact us today to see how our UK support staff can help you to land the best electric motorbike insurance.

What electric motorbike insurance can we offer?

  • Third Party Insurance. This form of insurance will protect you in the most basic ways only. This covers you for any third party injuries or damage. However, this does not provide you with insurance for personal damage or injury.
  • Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance. Provides all of the same benefits and features of Third Party insurance, but also protects your vehicle in the event of a fire and/or theft.
  • Comprehensive Insurance. Full cover that can protect you for everything you need. Covered from all forms of damage on third parties, as well as protection for any accidental damage that you suffer during an incident.

We also offer additional policy support in the form of breakdown coverage, excess protections, personal accident cover, and helmet & leathers coverage.

Got more than one vehicle? Then we can offer multi-vehicle policies for all electric motorbikes. Speak to us about covering more than one bike at once, and we can make sure that you get the most versatile possible policy.

Frequently Asaked Questions

Why is electric motorbike insurance so hard to find?

At the moment, while the number of users of an electric motorbike is growing it is not yet at the popularity of more traditional markets. As such, many insurers cannot yet provide competitive rates. This leaves you with more specialist insurance, which can lead to high premiums. We look to provide you with the fairest rates that we can.

Why can I only find Third Party insurance protection for my electric motorbike?

Again, due to the relative scarcity of these vehicles, many insurance providers are not providing full comprehensive cover. An insurer might deem these vehicles to be too risky at the moment. However, we look to make sure you can easily pick up affordalbe, reliable cover for your electric motorbike.

Do I need insurance to ride my electric motorbike?

Yes, you need to have insurance to ride an electric motorbike. It is a legal requirement to have the correct insurance as well as the correct riding license.

What kind of electric motorbike can I get insurance for?

Many forms of electric motorbike exist, and here we look to provide you with electric models made in the United Kingdom. This includes major brands such as Artisan and Supersoco. We look to provide you with affordalbe insurance options for any electric motorbike that we can realistically cover.

How much is electric motorbike insurance?

Like any other form of insurance, your costs will be determined by your age, your experience, and your history as well as the condition of the vehicle you wish to insure. We look to provide you with affordalbe electric motorbike insurance, comparing your model and your history with other insurers for the best price we can offer.