Kawasaki Motorcycle Insurance

Kawasaki Motorcycle Insurance

Compared to the other well-known Japanese motorcycle manufacturers. Kawasaki is a relative newcomer, only bursting onto the scene in the early 1960s. Although it wasn’t iveong before they started producing some of the quickest bikes on two wheels. In 1969, Kawasaki won the world championship in the 125cc class. This was the first of many world titles since. Known for producing such legendary sportbikes as the Ninja series. Today Kawasaki makes a highly popular range of street machines and off-road bikes. We won’t try and tell you which Kawasaki is better than the rest. But we can help you find the best motorcycle insurance cover. By best, we don’t just mean the cheapest available. But also the one that offers optimum value for money. We only deal with motorcycle and scooter insurance. We have access to over 40 of the top insurers. We’re confident we can help you find a great deal on Kawasaki motorcycle insurance.

Free quote

Getting a free, no obligation quote for insuring your Kawasaki is straightforward. It only takes a few minutes to complete our online application. State the make and model of Kawasaki you want to insure. Provide a few details about yourself, and choose which type of motorcycle insurance cover you want. Such as third party, third party fire and theft, or fully comprehensive insurance. We’ll explain what each policy covers in a minute but as soon as you’ve completed and checked over your form. Click submit and we’ll get to work. One form is all it takes to access the top insurers. Offering the best value products in the UK. We operate independently of any insurance companies, we won’t try and sell you insurance. Our role is to help you search the market for the best value Kawasaki motorcycle insurance, leaving you to decide which one’s right for you.

Choosing your Kawasaki insurance

It’s illegal to ride a motorbike on UK roads when you’re not insured to do so. If you’re caught, you’ll almost certainly be fined, but you could also have your motorbike impounded and even face criminal charges. Having a record of motoring offences will make it harder to get the best deal on insurance in future, so it’s important to be properly insured before hitting the road. Where you do have a choice is in the type of policy you go for. The three main types are as follows:

  • Third party insurance: this policy provides you with the minimum level of cover you need to ride on UK roads. You’re insured for liability for injury to a third party, and for damage to his or her property, but not for any personal injury you suffer in an accident or for any damage to your motorbike. This type of policy comes with the lowest premium but may not provide you with all the cover you’d like, especially if you do a lot of mileage or use your bike every day.
  • Third party fire & theft: as well as the protection offered by the policy above, this product insures you against damage to your motorbike in a fire, and in case it gets stolen.
  • Comprehensive insurance: the most expensive of the three types of policy, comprehensive gives you the greatest level of cover. A full list of what the policy covers will appear with your quote but in addition to the areas mentioned above, you can expect to be insured for any personal injury plus cost of medical treatment, and full repairs or replacement of your motorbike if it’s written off in a crash.

Check for any special offers

How much is motorcycle insurance? With the comparison site you can see at a glance what premiums the various insurers are charging, but you’ll also be able to check what discounts or special deals they’re offering to new or existing policy holders. These may include zero-claims discount, reduced premium for low-mileage riders, multi-rider deals, and special rates for riders aged 35 and over. You may not be able to take advantage of all of these offers, but if you’re considering switching from your present provider, for example, you could find the right incentive to change insurers.

Your personalised Kawasaki motorcycle insurance quote

Because your insurance quote will be based on the information you provide, it’s important that you give honest answers about how often you use the bike, where it is stored overnight, whether you have added any modifications to your Kawasaki, and so on. This way, if you decide to go ahead, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you’ll be properly insured and that any claims you do make in future will be paid out promptly. You should also make sure you’re happy with the terms and conditions of the policy before adding your signature.

Some ways to reduce your premium

When considering your application, insurers will look at many factors. Where you live, where you store your bike overnight. They may also look at whether you’re a daily commuter and what you do for a living. They use these and other criteria to calculate their exposure; in other words how likely it is they’ll have to pay out on a claim in future. To get cheap motorcycle insurance there are things you can do.

  • Agreeing to pay more excess on any claims you make will affect your overall premium and is definitely worth considering.
  • Paying for any minor repairs to your motorbike out of your own pocket instead of putting in a claim. This will maintain your zero-claims record and may get you a discount on your next policy.
  • If possible, be a low mileage rider which reduces your risk of having an accident and can lower your premium.

Apply today for your Kawasaki insurance

Every day we save riders time and money by searching for the best motorcycle insurance deals out there. Get a quote today and see how much you can save.