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Sym 14 125 LC Description

The Sym 14 125 LC is powered by a 1-Cylinder, 4-Stroke engine with low carbon emission. It has a Smart Cooling System (SM1) that reduces the working temperature and also improves the noise level from burning breakage. As a result of the SC1, the life span of the engine and other parts is increased,and the overall performance of the engine is improved.

The Sym 14 125 comes with a three-ringed dashboard that displays speed, fuel level and other data. It also has aflat, spacious floor panel that makes riding comfortable. With its LED position light, headlight and taillight,the Sym 14 125 LC is safe and comfortable to ride in the dark.

Is Insurance Necessary?

It is legally required for you to insure your scooter even if it is not in use. If you are caught riding it without a cover, you could be penalised.

Sym 14 125 LC Insurance Policy Types

There are three Sym 14 125 LC insurance policy types. Each of these policies provides different protection at varying costs. Your selection should depend on your needs and not the cost of the policy.

Comprehensive Policy

This policy provides cover for injuries and damages to your scooter in the event of an accident. It also offers protection if your scooter is damaged or lost in a theft, fire or flood. The comprehensive policy also protects you against third party liability.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

Aside from protecting you against third partyliability, the third party, fire and theft insurance policy pays out if your scooter is damaged in a fire or stolen.

Third Party Only

The third party only policy does not protect you or your bike. It only pays out for damages to third parties’ properties and their injuries.

How to Reduce the Cost of Insurance

There are a variety of ways you can lower yourSym 14 125 LC insurance premium. Some of these include:


Keepingyour bike in a locked garage or installing additional anti-theft devices such as an alarm or GPS reduces the risk of theft and your insurance premium.

Voluntary Excess

Voluntary excess is the first amount you’ll have to pay when you file a claim. Choosing a lower voluntary excess could lower your insurance premium.

Multi-bike Policy

Getting single insurance policies for your bikes is way costlier than insuring them under a multi-bike policy.

Advanced Training Course

Taking an advanced training course improves your riding skills, reduces the chances of accident and your insurance premium.

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