With a sporty scooter like the Cruisym 300, you can be king of the road anywhere you go. And when you have the protection of the cheapest Sym Cruisym 300 insurance policy, you can have complete peace of mind as well. As the UK’s leading scooter insurance comparison site, we make it possible for thousands of scooter owners to access unbeatable insurance policies. You can get the most affordable insurance policy too. It’s guaranteed!

Sym Cruisym 300 Description

The Cruisym 300, with its sporty look and quality build is a game changer anywhere, on any road. It comes with the full Anti-Braking System for safety and stability on all riding surfaces, upgraded suspension and wheels for easy handling and stability, and ample storage space for two full-face helmets. Its instrument panel is clean and clear, for easy reading of riding data. It has a multi-functional USB connectivity for charging on-the-go and powerful LED running light and halogen headlight.

Do I need Insurance?

Yes, you need to insure your scooter especially if you intend riding it on public roads in the UK. In addition to fulfilling a legal requirement, insuring your Sym Cruisym 300 covers you in the event of an accident.

Sym Cruisym 300 Insurance Policy Options

There are three Sym Cruisym 300 insurance policy options you can purchase. Each of these options provides varyingprotection and differs in cost. They are:


The comprehensive insurance option covers everything from personal injuries, damages to your Sym Cruisym 300 and medical expenses. It also protects you against damages to third parties’ properties and their injuries. It is the best policy of the three as it covers almost every eventuality.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

Third-party, fire, and theft policy protects you against damages to other persons’ properties and injuries. In addition to that, it coversyour scooter in case of a fire accident or theft.

Third Party Only

The third party only policy covers third-party injuries and damages to their vehicle and property. However, it does not cover you or your scooter. It is also the minimum policy you can purchase in the UK and the cheapest.

How to Reduce the Cost Insurance

You can lower the cost of insuring your Sym Cruisym 300 by doing some of the following.

Advanced Rider Course

Improving your riding skills reduce the risk of accidents and ease the mind the insurers, thus, lowering your premium.

Annual mileage

You should reduce your annualmileage if you intend paying a low insurance premium.


You can loweryour insurance premium by fitting yourSym Cruisym 300 with extra security devices or by ensuring that your scooter is parked in a safe place.

Multi-Bike Policy

If you have more than one scooter, you should consider insuring them under a single policy rather than insuring them separately.

Get Your Free Sym Cruisym 300 Insurance Quote Today

When it comes to insuring your Cruisym 300, we are your best bet of getting the cheapest policy. With access to over 40 approved insurers in the UK, you can trust that you will get only the bestSym Cruisym 300 insurance deals at knock-down prices. Request a quote or contact us on 0333 577 6406 if you’d instead get it on the phone.

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