Sym Fiddle III 125 Insurance

Sym Fiddle III 125 Insurance

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Sym Fiddle III 125 Description

The new fiddle III 125 comes with new additions and changes for an enjoyable ride. It has a new glove box, larger fuel tank, flatter seat height, electronically controlled carb for more power. It is also equipped with LED running lights to provide Illumination for safety and visibility at night, acombined braking system for safety under pressure, the latest Euro 4 emission compliant system and digital instrumentation combined with analogue meter.

Is Insurance Necessary?

It is a legal requirement that you insure your scooter before riding it on public roads. Otherwise, it could be seizedand you may have to part with a fine. Aside from the legal necessity of insurance, it also helps to protect your scooter in case of any eventualities.

Sym Fiddle III 125 Types of Insurance

There are three available types of Sym Fiddle III 125 insurance policies. They are Comprehensive, Third Party, Fire and Theft and Third Party Only policy. These policies offer varying cover and are available at different costs.


This is the best Sym Fiddle III 125 insurance as it covers almost everything. It provides cover for injuries and damages to your scooter and properties of third parties during an accident. If your bike is damaged in a fire or stolen, the comprehensive policy also pays out.

Third Party, Fire and theft

The third party, fire and theft policy only pays out if your scooter is stolen or damaged in a fire incident. It also covers third party liability.

Third Party Only

The third party only policy is the minimum policy you can purchase. It protects only other persons and their properties, and does not pay out if your bike needs repair or replacement.

Reducing Your Insurance Premium

There are various things you can do tolower your insurance premium. These are:


Installing additional security accessories on your scooter or keeping it in a locked garage help reduce your insurance premium.


Making changes to the appearance of your scooter leads to a high premium. To pay a lower premium, you shouldn’t make any modification.


Reducing the number ofdistance you ride your scooter in a year could significantly reduce your insurance costs.

Multi-Bike Policy

You could lower your insurance premium by protecting your scooters under a multi-bike policy. This is cheaper than having a separate policy for each.

Get Cheap Sym Fiddle III 125 Insurance Quotes Now

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