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Sym Jet 14 200 Description

The big brother to others in the Jet series, the Sym Jet 14 200 comes with an air-cooled fuel injection engine for efficient performance. For illumination, it is equipped with a halogen and LED combination lighting. The Sym Jet 14 200 has spaciousunder-seat storage space to keep your gear. Other additional accessories you could add to it for a few bucks include an automatic battery charger and box.

Is Insurance Necessary?

Insuring your scooter is mandatory in the UK. To ride on public roads, you must have at least the minimum insurance cover – the third party only policy. Else, you could be fined and your bike, seized.

Types of Sym Jet 14 200 Insurance

You have three options when choosing a Sym Jet 14 200 Insurance policy. These are the Comprehensive, the Third party, fire and theft and the Third party only policy.

Comprehensive Policy

This policy protects your bike against theft, burglary, and damages caused by fire and flood. Also, it covers you and your scooter in case of an accident. The comprehensive policy also offers cover to third parties as well as their properties. It is usually the most expensive policy of the three.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

This policy covers the cost of injuries to third parties and damages to their vehicles. It also pays out if your scooter is damaged in a fire or stolen.

Third Party Only

The third party only policy takes care of third parties involved in an accidentonly. If you purchase this policy, you would have to repair or replace your scooter out of yourown pocket. As it’s the basic policy, it is often the cheapest.

Reducing the Cost of Premium

Now that you’ve decided the type of policy that suits your needs, you should consider lowering your premium. Doing any of the following could result in a lower insurance cost.

Rider Training Discount

Completing an advanced accredited rider course will help you lower your Sym Jet 14 200 insurance premium.


Keeping your bike in a garage or installing a security device such as an alarm or tracker could reduce insurance premium


By reducing the number of distance you cover with your scooter, you could lower your premium.

Multi-bike Policy

If you have more than one bike, insuring them under the same policy could save you money rather than having a separate policy for each.

Get the Cheapest Insurance Quotes Now

Getting a cheap policy has never been this easy. All you have to do is to answer a few questions, and within minutes, you’ll be able to select the best Sym Jet 14 200 insurance policy from a list of many. It’s that simple and free too. Request a free quote now or call us on 0333 577 6406 to get started.

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