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Is Insurance Necessary?

In the UK, you are obliged to insure your scooter, even if you are not riding it. Therefore, you must have at least the basicinsurance cover – the third party only policy. Otherwise, you could be fined and your scooter, impounded.

Types of SYM JET 14 50 Insurance Policies

There are three insurance policies you can choose from when looking to insure your scooter. These are the Comprehensive, Third Party, fire and theft and Third Party only.

Comprehensive Policy

This policy covers the cost of medical treatment of both you and a third party. It also pays out for the replacement and repair of your bike and properties of third parties. In cases of theft or fire accident, the comprehensive policy also offers full protection.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

This policy protects you against any third party liability and pays out in the event your scooter needs replacement or repair after a theft or fire.

Third Party Only

The third party only policy covers only third parties’ medical treatment and the repair or replacement of their properties. It doesn’t cover you or your bike.

Reducing the Cost of Premium

You can further reduce your insurance premium by doing certain things. Here are some of them.


Having a high mileage makes your insurance premium high. By riding less, you could lower your insurance premium.

Voluntary Excess

Choosing to pay a higher voluntary excess could help reduce your insurance premium.

Multi-bike Policy

Insuring your bikes under a single multi-bike policy could reduce your premium rather than having a separate policy for each.

Advanced Rider Course

By completing an advanced rider course, you could improve your riding skills and lower your Sym Jet 14 50 insurance premium.

Get Free Sym Jet 14 50 Insurance Quotes Today

We are committed to getting you the cheapest insurance deals in the country. It doesn’t matter if you previously bought a policy or just starting. We’ll handle all the paperwork to ensure a hassle-free process. Get started now by requesting a free quote. You can also call us on 0333 577 6406.

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