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Sym Maxsym 600I ABS Description

With its 565cc single cylinder engine, the Sym Maxsym 600I ABS delivers immense power. The scooter also comes with dual projection headlights and LED rear lights for illumination and safety. Other features are the comprehensive digital dashboard, ergonomic saddle, adjustable backrest, and folding passenger footrest. It is also equipped with storage space for twofull-face helmets, immobiliser system to prevent theft, USB port and 12v socket for charging on-the-go.

Is Insurance Necessary?

If you stay in the UK, then you are most likely aware of the strict laws governing the use of two-wheelers on public roads. If you intend to ride your Sym Maxsym on public roads in the UK, then you must insure it to avoid facing the wrath of the law.

Sym Maxsym 600I ABS Insurance Policy Options

The Sym Maxsym 600I ABS insurance policy comes in three options. Each option differs in cost and coverage and is as follows;

Third Party Only

This insurance option is mandatory according to the UK law and covers third-party injuries, medical expenses and repair costs. This is the cheapest of all the options available.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

The third-party, fire and theft insurance option provides the same protection as the third party only option but also covers your scooter if it is damaged in a fire or stolen.


Although often the most expensive, comprehensive insurance covers personal injuries, damages to your scooter or cost of procuring a new one in the case of an accident. It also covers third-party injuries and damages to their properties.

Reducing the Cost of Your Insurance

Different factors determine how high or low your Sym Maxsym 600i ABS insurance premium will be. Some of which includes;

Annual mileage

The lesser the distance you cover in a year, the lower the cost of your insurance premium.


If you have modified your scooter, you will get a higher premium. So, it’s best to stick to the standard Maxsym 600I ABS.


The Maxsym 600i ABS comes with an immobiliser which could help reduce theft and lower insurance costs. You can further lower your insurance premium by adding other security features such as an alarm or GPS.

Multi-Bike Policy

If you insure all your scooters under the multi-bike policy, you could save thousands of pounds in the long run.

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