The Wolf SB 125 oozes class, elegance and quality; and when you have the protection of a Sym Wolf SB 125 insurance policy, you’ve got confidence and peace of mind to go with it. As the leading bike insurance comparison site in the UK, we offer you a chance to get the most affordable insurance quotes in the country. With access to 40 top insurers in the country, we can find and get you cheap insurance deals. It’s free and without stress too.

Sym Wolf SB 125 Description

With its sharp design and fantastic features, the Wolf 125 SBNi guarantees performance and comfort. It has a powerful 125cc engine that delivers high speed and acceleration, a digital dashboard that reveals information including speed, fuel level, partial trip and other data. Its combined braking system does an excellent job of stopping the Wolf even on slippery road surfaces.

Is Insurance Necessary?

If you plan on riding the Wolf on public roads in the UK, then you must get it insured. Failure to do so may get you into trouble with the law. Your bike could also be impounded as a result.

Sym Wolf SB 125 Insurance Policy Options

There are three Sym Wolf SB 125 insurance policy options you can choose from. Each of these policies offer varying degree of protection at diferrent costs. They are:

Third Party Only

This insurance option is the minimum policy you can purchase. Itpays out for third-party injuries and damages to their vehicle or properties. It is also the cheapest of the policies.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

In addition to protecting you against third party liabilities, this insurance option covers the cost of replacing or repairing your bike in the eventit is damaged in a fire or stolen.


Comprehensive insurance is usually the most expensive of all three policy options. However, it completely protects almost everything. It covers personal injuries, medical expenses and repair or replacement costs. It also protects you against third-party liabilities.

How to Lower yourSym Wolf SB 125 Insurance Premium

The cost of your insuring your motorcycle could be lower if you do the following:

Annual mileage

Lowering your annual mileage could significantly reduce the amount of insurance you pay.


Keeping your bike overnight in a locked garage or adding security accessories to your motorcycle could result in a reduced insurance premium.


If youintend paying a lowerSym Wolf SB 125 insurance costs, then you should not make any changes to the appearance of your vehicle.

Multi-Bike Policy

By protecting all your bikes under the multi-bike insurance policy, you could pay much less insurance premium.

Get the Cheapest Sym Wolf SB 125 Insurance Quotes Today

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