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Sym Jet 4 50 Description

Like other models in the Jet family, the Jet 4 50 utilises ultra-reliable single cylinder S.O.H.C engine. Its 50cc engine uses an economical fuel injection that help reduces fuel costs. Available in red and black colour, the Jet 4 50 features for illumination, a large integrated stop light, indicator rear lampand halogen headlamps, and an efficient combined disk braking system for a reliable stoppage at all times. It also comes with a combined digital and analogue multi-instrument panel that is easy to see and read.

Is Insurance Required?

Yes, you are legally obligated toinsure your scooter. If you are caught riding without the required cover, you could be fined.

Types of Insurance Policies

There are three available Sym Jet 4 50 insurance policies. They are; Third Party Only, Third Party, Fire and Theft and Comprehensive policies.

Third Party Only

The third party only policy protects you againstthird parties involvedonly. It doesn’t cover you or damages to your scooter.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

Aside from protecting you against third party liabilities, it also covers the cost of replacing or repairing your bike if it is stolen or damaged in a fire.


This is the best policy of all three. It provides full protection, covering you against the cost that arises as a result of injuries to you and third parties, repair or replacement of your scooter and properties of third parties.

Reducing your Insurance Premium

There are some things you can do to cut the cost of scooter insurance. These are:


Leaving your scooter in the locked garage overnight, rather than on the street could significantly lower your insurance premium. Installing security devices such as alarm also help cut the cost of insurance.

Multi-Bike Policy

Separately insuring your scooters could increase your insurance premium. A single multi-bike policy help reducescost.

Annual Mileage

Reducing the number of distance you ride in a year could also lead to a lower insurance premium.

Voluntary Excess

Choosing to pay a high voluntary excess could also help reduce the cost of insurance.

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