Sport bikes

Sport bikes

When people choose a sport bike, they don’t do it for comfort or fuel efficiency, they do it for the type’s superior speed and cornering ability. Sport bikes are built for maximum power on paved surfaces, and will give the rider some of the best power stats of any type of motorbike. As mentioned, this is often at the expense of comfort, but being comfortable means very little if you’re not travelling in ultimate style.

So what makes sport bikes so popular? Primarily it’s their speed, handling, and incredible cornering ability. Their sleek bodywork and aerodynamic shape means they have amazing acceleration, and are perfect for hitting the open roads when you want to truly feel an adrenaline rush. Not only that, but because they also handle amazingly in corners, you’ll never be short of choice on where to ride.

The seating position of sport bikes is designed for speed rather than comfort, and the high foot pegs leave you almost lying over the fuel tank. This isn’t as bad as it sounds though, but you might find it a bit uncomfortable if you’re planning a long-distance ride. Many sport bikes are set up for pillion passengers, but unlike the rider, the passenger position is quite upright, and the bikes don’t always give you something to hang on to.

Sport bikes usually have very high-end braking systems to account for the faster acceleration speeds. Fairings are usually missing from sport bikes too, as their primary aim is to improve weather resistance and reduce drag, both things that aren’t completely necessary for the bike. When they are used, the fairings will be much sleeker than on other types of motorbike.

Benefits of sport bikes

Sport bikes are designed for the ultimate thrill-seeking ride. If you want superior handling and cornering ability, while also still being able to let loose on open stretches, then this is the type of bike for you. However, as mentioned, they’re not always designed for comfort, so bear this in mind if you plan on making longer journeys.

Sport bikes make excellent hobby motorbikes, especially for amateur racers, but they also function well as an everyday motorbike. However, think ahead if you’re buying it for everyday use because you’ll still want plenty of opportunities to take the bike out and unleash its full power.

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