Supersport bikes

Supersport bikes

Designed for maximum speed and acceleration, supersport bikes are all about performance. Their larger engine size and higher speed mean they’re not suitable for all riders, but if you feel you’ve got the ability to tame one of these beasts then you’re in for the ride of your life. Read on to find out more about what makes supersport bikes the ultimate riding experience.

Much like superbikes, supersport bikes are racing bikes that have been manufactured to be road legal. This means they have all the necessary safety features (think lights, horns, etc.) to make them suitable for riding on public roads. They often also have their maximum speed electronically limited, but they still have some serious power behind them.

Supersport bikes are usually very lightweight to help with speed and acceleration, and so any bodywork they have is usually plastic, or carbon fibre on higher end models. Just as with sport bikes, this is often at the expense of comfort for the rider, but many people would choose speed over comfort any day of the week.

Engine sizes are often between 600cc and 1000cc, meaning they have excellent acceleration and top speed. The riding position is identical to other racing bikes, and leaves the rider lying on the fuel tank. When fairings are present they’re sleek and often stripped back to reduce the overall weight. Because their primary function is as racing bikes, manufacturers tend to do away with any unnecessary parts.

Benefits of supersport bikes

These bikes are excellent for those wanting to experience true speed. They might not be the best choice for an everyday bike, particularly if it involves urban riding, but this is mainly because you won’t get much chance to ride the bike to its full potential. However, if you live in a suburban area and have access to open roads and winding corners, then you’re in for a treat with a supersport bike.

Supersport bikes have lightweight frames and are incredibly nimble, making them ideal for amateur racers and thrill seekers. Their large engine capacity means you won’t be able to ride them on many types of licence, and it also means they are more expensive to insure, but if you’ve gone to the trouble of buying one then it’s unlikely you’ll mind paying a bit more for insurance.

Why insure your supersport bike with us?

Although supersport bikes do cost more to insure, we still do everything possible to find you the best price for your insurance. We do this by comparing the market of the nation’s top insurers to give you as much choice as possible when selecting the right policy. If you’re insuring a supersport bike then it’s likely you have certain needs, and we take this into account when helping you pick a policy.

Every quote you start through our site gives you plenty of options for customization, so you can always be sure you’re getting the very best policy for your motorbike.