Superbike Insurance

Superbike Insurance

Superbikes are one of the better-known types of motorbike, and are easily the fastest. Superbike racing is a popular sport, and part of the rules is that the motorbikes used have to be technically available for the public to buy. Superbikes are the bikes of choice for those looking for speed, performance, and acceleration. But what else makes them such a popular choice?

One of the best features of superbikes is how aerodynamic they are. Their sleek fairings and curved bodywork mean they can cut through the air and reach great speeds – up to 186mph! Superbikes are obviously very powerful bikes, and this means they’re suitable for more experienced riders. They have bigger engines too, which means that they won’t be available on some licence types.

Due to their speed and shape, superbikes have a very crouched seating position with the rider almost lying on the bike. While this does make them great fun for speeding around a track or letting loose on open roads, it does mean they won’t be as good for long journeys as some other types (tourers for example). That said, with the speed and power superbikes have, even long journeys will be over quickly!

Benefits of a superbike

Superbikes are ideal for those who are thinking about circuit-track racing, or have plenty of opportunity for fun winding rides around quiet back roads. The sheer speed and power of superbikes means there’s not much point in choosing them if you’re only going to be making small commutes around the city, as you won’t feel you’re getting chance to really make the bike work. That said, they’re still a great choice if you’re looking to show off.

Their frame is specifically designed for leaning into turns, so only consider a superbike if you’re willing to get stuck in to the ride. They make taking corners good fun though, and their inability to take tight corners at speed is certainly compensated for in the straights. Once you’ve got a bit of open road you’ll get chance to fully experience the true power of a superbike!

Why insure your superbike with us?

Although superbikes are a great choice if you want to take advantage of a bike’s full potential, their bigger engines and sheer power mean they are usually more expensive to insure than many other types of motorbikes. However, if you’ve gone to the trouble of buying a superbike, it’s unlikely you’ll be too bothered by paying a bit more insurance.

We take all of this into account when you get an insurance quote through us. We compare the market of the top insurers to make sure you’re getting the best price on your superbike insurance. There’s plenty of opportunity to customise the policy to your needs, and we offer loads of add-ons so you can get the exact policy you want. Insuring a superbike means finding a quality policy to match your quality bike, and that’s exactly what we can offer you.

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