Honda CB650F Insurance

Honda CB650F Insurance

It’s a reality! Thousands of bike owners are taking advantage of amazing insurance deals to protect their bikes while saving more money. If you are interested in getting the cheapest Honda CB650F insurance policies in the country, there’s no better time than now.

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Honda CB650F Description

Built around a steel diamond frame, the Honda CB650F is equipped with a 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke engine 649cc engine that delivers performance and acceleration. It also comes with LED lights that provide great illumination at night, a twin digital screen, with a white backlight enables you to see information such as speed, distance, fuel consumption and others. Braking is made effective by an Anti-lock Braking System as well as front and rear callipers. The seats, created in a narrow midsection, are designed to offer a comfortable riding experience.

Is Insurance Needed

In the UK, it’s a legal requirement for riders to insure their bikes before riding on public roads. Hence, violating this law could lead to your bike being seized.

Types of Insurance Policies

There are three levels of motorbike insurance. They are Comprehensive, third party, fire and theft and third party only. The policies have different coverage scope and are available at different prices.

Comprehensive Insurance

This policy has the most extensive coverage of all three and is often the most expensive. It pays out for damages to your bike, medical treatment as well as personal injuries. In addition, it protects you against damages and injuries of third parties.

Third Party, Fire, and Theft

The Third Party, fire, and theft policy covers third parties’ injuries and damages. In addition, it protects your bike in the event it is stolen or damaged in a fire.

Third Party Only

This has the least coverage and is the cheapest of all the policies. It only covers injuries sustained by a third party and damages to their properties. It does not cover injuries to you or damages to your bike.

Factors that Affect Cost Insurance

Insurance premium could increase or decrease depending on some factors some of which are:

Claims History

If you have made zero or little claims, you could get a no-claims discount, which can lower your premium.


Living in a high crime-rate area puts your bike at risk of theft.This could increase your insurance premium.


Modifying your bike could jerk up your insurance premium. It’s always better to ride a standard bike if you intend keeping your premium low.


Installing more anti-theft accessories on your bike or keeping it in a secure garage could keep your premium cost low.

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