Honda CBR500R Insurance

Honda CBR500R Insurance

It doesn’t matter if you are a first-timer or want to renew your policy. Whatever the case is, we’ll get you the best Honda CBR500R insurance quotes in the UK.

We are the leading scooter and bike insurance comparison site in the UK. We take great pride in helping bike owners find suitable quotes without hassles. With a network of more than 40 insurers, sourcing the cheapest policies is what we do best. As an independent organisation, we won’t influence your choice. Our job is to find an array of cheap quotes from which you can choose. The process is entirely simple, quick, easy and completely free.

Honda CBR500R Description

Powered by awater-cooled parallelinline-twin 500cc engine, the Honda CBR500R is a bike that delivers endless aggressive performance at all times. It is equipped with a shortened the rear and sculpted bodywork for improved aerodynamic performance, sleek, sporty and compact bodywork that makes it easy to weave through traffic without losing the sporty feel. Available in three colour options of Millennium Red, Ross White, Graphite Black, the Honda CBR500R is a bike with a street racing look.

Do You Need Insurance?

You must insure your bike if you are a rider in the UK as it is a legal requirement. Refusing to insure your bike could lead to severe consequences.

Insurance Policy Options

There are three Honda CBR500R insurance policy options. They are; the comprehensive insurance, the third party only, and the third party, fire, and theft insurance options.

Comprehensive Insurance

This has the most extensive coverage. It covers the cost of medical treatment, personal injuries and repair or replacement of your bike. It also covers third-party damages and injuries.

Third Party, Fire, and Theft

This insurance policy protects your bike in the event of a theft or a fire accident. Also, it covers third parties’ injuries and damages to their properties.

Third Party Only

This insurance policy covers only third-party injuries and damages to their bike. It doesn’t cover injuries to you or damages to your Honda CBR500R.

Factors Affecting Your Insurance Costs

The cost of insuring your Honda CBR500R is determined by some factors, some of which includes;

Your Age

Young riders are more likely to pay a high insurance premium because they file more claims.


Your premium will be higher if you live in an area that puts your bike at high risk of theft.


Installing anti-theft features such as a security alarm or keeping your bike in a secure garage automatically reduces your insurance premium.


Riding your bike to work everyday or using it for work-related activities increases your insurance premium.

Get Your Free Honda CBR500R Insurance Quotes Today

You can get the cheapest Honda CBR500R insurance deal within minutes. It’s that easy.  With our intricate network of insurance under writers spread across the UK, rest assured of getting only the best. Simply request a free quote and we’ll get you the best insurance deals. You can also call on 0333 577 6406 get started.

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