Honda CBR500R2019 insurance

Honda CBR500R2019 insurance

There’s a reason why thousands of CBR500R2019 owners trust us when it comes to insurance – we make getting suitable Honda CBR500R 2019 insurance policies easy and quick. There’s no magic to this.

We are the numberone bike and scooter insurance comparison site in the UK. As a result, we have a relationship with more than 40 of the top insurers in the country to help bike owners get the cheapest quotes. We can help you too. It’s free and quick!

Honda CBR500R2019 Description

The Honda CBR500R 2019 is an aggressive looking motorbike with a free-spinning two-cylinder engine. The engine is also close to the swingarm pivot point to enable fast steering and easy handling. The wheels, lightweight, consists of a front tyre which is 120/70-ZR17 and the rear one, a 160/60-ZR17 for easy maneuverability even at high speed. With a 2-channel ABS fitted, the CBR500R2019 has superb braking control. The information display consists of an easily-read and accessible LCD screen.

Why Need Insurance?

Aside fromprotecting you against unforeseen circumstances,it is illegal in the UK to ride a bike without insurance coverage. Doing this could get your bike confiscated.

Types of Policies

There are three insurance types you can choose from. The three offers different coverage and are available at different costs.

Third Party Only

This is the most basic of all the threeHonda CBR500R 2019 insurance policies. It covers only the third parties involved in an accident, paying out for damages to their properties and cost of medical treatment.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

This policy covers third parties, paying out for damages and injuries. In addition to this, it coversthe cost of repair or replacement when your Honda CBR500R 2019 is damaged in a fire or stolen.


This is the most expensive of all three. It also has the best coverage. It covers the cost of medical treatment and injuries sustained by you and third parties. In addition, it protects against damages to your bike and properties of third parties.

Factors Affecting Insurance Rate

Several factors determine Honda CBR500R2019 insurance premium rates including:

Where You Live

Living in a location with a high theft rate makes yourbike costly to insure. This is because your bike is exposed to theft and other crime.


You are likely to make more claims if you have little or no experience riding a bike. Hence, you could pay more premium.


Keeping your Honda CBR500R 2019 in a secure garage or adding more security features such as an alarm couldlower your premium.

Claims History

Riders who have a long history of making claims are ineligible for a no-claims discount, whichincreases their insurance cost.

Request Free Honda CBR500R 2019 Insurance Quotes

There’s no point going through a lot of hassles when we can get the best Honda CBR500R 2019 insurance quotes for you within minutes.To get started, simply fill in a single form so we can know exactly what you want. Request your free quotes now or call 0333 577 6406.

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