Honda CB650R Neo Sports Café Insurance

Honda CB650R Neo Sports Café Insurance

The Honda CB650R Neo Sports Café is worth every penny you paid for it. However, you shouldn’t have to pay an expensive premium to keep it safe. As the biggest bike insurance comparison site in the country, we can source the cheapest Honda CB650R Neo Sports Café insurance that won’t dig a hole in your pocket.

With our panel of more than 40 insurance companies, we won’t break a sweat getting a policy that suits you. It’s what we do every day for thousands of other bikers. Incredibly, it’s free. We won’t also compel you to choose an insurer over another. It’s your choice to make.

Honda CB650R Neo Sports Café Description

The Honda CB650R came back renewed with a rich digital information panel which now displays a gear position, water thermometer, shift up indicator, upshift Up indicator and a peak meter of the engine RPM. It is equipped with a four-cylinder 16-valve engine that delivers power.

Its radial mount caliper and dual-channel Anti-lock Braking System ensures optimal control in all conditions. The CB650R Neo Sports Café also comes with an emergency stop signal technology that automatically activates the rear and front light when you suddenly brake, warning other road users and keeping everybody safe.

Is Insurance Necessary?

To ride your bike in the UK, you have to purchase, at least, the minimum insurance cover. Insuring your bike keeps you on the right side of the law and protects you against unforeseen road occurrences.

Types of Insurance Policies

There are three Honda CB650R Neo Sports Caféinsurance policies available. Each of the policies differs in what is covered as well as in cost.

Third Party Only

This is the basic insurance policy you can purchase. It covers damages and injury sustained by a third party. However, you’ll have to pay for your bike’s repair or replacement if it gets damagedand treat your injuries from your pocket.

Third Party, Fire and Theft 

Thispolicy covers the cost of treatment of third parties anddamages to their vehicles and other properties. In case your bike is damaged in a fire or stolen, this policy also covers you.


The comprehensive policy, which has the best coverage, covers the cost ofdamages to your bike, medical treatmentand personal injuries. It also pays out for third-party injuries and damages.

Factors that Affect Costs of Insurance

Insurance companies determine  your insurance  premium using some criteria such as:


Your bike is more likely to be stolen if you live in an area where the rate of crime is high. As a result, your premium could be higher.


If you use your bike every day, you could pay more than someone who rides occasionally.


Adding extra anti-theft features such as an alarm or keeping it in a secure shed to deter thieves helps keep premium low.


Modifying your bike could increase your insurance premium. To keep insurance costs low, do not make any changes or keep changes to a minimum.

Get the Cheapest Honda CB650R Neo Sports Café Insurance Quotes

You don’t want to miss out on fantastic insurance deals. With us, your bike is totally protected. You can start saving and cruising peacefully around town today.

Getting the cheapest Honda CB650R Neo Sports Café insurance quotes is absolutely free and even easier. Request a free no-obligation quote now or call us on 0333 577 6406 to get started.

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