Honda CB1100 RS Insurance

Honda CB1100 RS Insurance

Finding the cheapest Honda CB1100 RS insurance policies comes with a lot of hassles. You also have to pay heavy insurance premium to protect you and your bike. With Scoot Scoot, you can worry no more.

We are the leading bike and scooter insurance comparison site in the UK with a track record of getting the best policies for bikers. We take advantage of our relationship with more than 40 insurance underwriters to get you amazing deals. Getting your Honda CB1100 RS insurance quotes is free and extremely quick. Now you can save more and bask in pleasurable rides in the city or the countryside. Enjoy!

Honda CB1100 RS Description

Honda CB1100 RS comes with many exciting features. It has light front and rear wheels made of cast aluminium alloy, adding to the quick turning geometry of the chassis. Riding deep into the night or in dense vegetation poses no problem with its front LED light. The seat is durable and well-padded for extreme comfort and longevity.

A combination of the front wheel four-piston calliper, rear single-piston calliper and Anti-lock Braking System makes braking quick and effective. With the shape of the ‘70s race bike and features way ahead of other bikes’, the Honda CB1100 RS is a bike from the golden era adapted for today’s generation.

Do You Need Insurance?

It is a legal requirement that you insure your bike before you can ride it on public roads. Doing otherwise could get your bike seized.

Available Insurance Policy Options

The available Honda CB1100 RS insurance policy options are third Party, third party, fire and theft and comprehensive policies. Each offersvarying coverage and costs differently.


It pays out for your medical treatment, personal injuries and damages to your bike. The comprehensive policy also covers injuries to third parties, their medical treatment, and damages to their vehicles or properties.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

Aside from protecting you against third parties liabilities, this policy covers the cost of repair or replacement of your bike in the event it is stolen or damaged in a theft or fire.

Third Party Only

The third party only insurance policy covers only third party injuries and damages to their properties. It is the basic policy you can purchase and does not cover you or your bike.

Cost of Insurance

An insurance premium is never fixed. The cost varies from one individual to another and depends on factors such as:


Older riders tend topay lower insurance premium compared to younger riders. This is because older riders are generally more cautious and make fewer claims.

Claims History

Insurance companies also check to see if you have a record of making claims. If you do, youcould pay a higher insurance premium than someone who doesn’t.


Your bike is at risk of being stolen if you live in an area with high theft cases. This could make your higher insurance premium payment high.


Keeping your bike in a locked garage or shed makes it more secure. As aresult, you could pay lower insurance premium.

Get Cheap Honda CB1100 RS Insurance Quotes Now

Many benefits come with getting Honda CB1100 RS insurance quotes from us. The cheapest quotes in the country, hassle-free process,and solid protection are some of the advantages you stand to gain. It’s free too!

Get started by requesting a free, no-obligation quote or calling us on 0333 577 6406.

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