Peugeot Belville 125 ABS RS Insurance

It is often daunting getting your bike or scooter insured. However, we make gettingPeugeot Belville 125 ABS RS Insurance a breeze. Our job is to sift through numerous insurance deals to find the best option for you. With an unrivalled access to more than 40 top insurers in the country, we bring the deals that suit your needs and budget.

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Peugeot Belville 125 ABS RS Description

Peugeot Belville 125 ABS RS is a large-wheeled scooter, delivering a comfortable riding experience. It features a 4-stroke 125cc engine known for low fuel consumption rate and low noise production. It also comes with an anti-lock braking system to prevent locking up during braking. Available in grey colour, Peugeot Belville 125 ABS RS is one made for city life.

Is Scooter Insurance Necessary?

Insuring your scooter is a legal requirement for riders in the UK. Also,insurance protects you theft, accident and other unanticipated circumstances.

Insurance Policy Options

There are three PeugeotBelville 125 ABS RS insurance policy options you can choose from. These are;


This is themost expensive Peugeotpolicy. However, it is entirely worth it. Comprehensive insurance covers you for personal injuries, medical treatment, and damages to your bike. It also insures you against third-party’s medical treatment, injuries, and damages to their property.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

The third party, fire, and theft insurance option covers your scooter against a fire accident or theft. It also pays out for injuries to third parties and damages to their properties.

Third Party Only

This policy is the cheapest. However, it only pays out for third-party injuries and damages to their properties but does not cover you nor your scooter.

Factors that determine Insurance cost

Certain factors determine your Peugeot Belville 125 ABS RS insurance. These are:


Younger riders pay higher insurance premiums since they are known to file more claims than older riders.


Experienced riders are less likely to attract higher claims. Thus, they pay lower premium compared to inexperienced riders.


If you live in an insecure area with a high crime rate, you will most likely pay a high premium.


Installing extra security features on yourPeugeot Belville125 ABS RS entitles you to lower insurance rates.

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