Peugeot Belville 200 ABS RS Insurance

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Peugeot Belville 200 ABS RS Description

Peugeot Belville 200 ABS RS, following the trend in the Belville range, is equipped with a large wheel for a comfortable ride and maximum control. It comes with a 169 cc, air-cooled engine that delivers speed and power. Like other Belvilles, it has an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), for maximum steering control.

It is almost noiseless and optimises fuel consumption. With the backing of a cheap Peugeot Belville 200 ABS RS insurance, you can revel in the power, speed, and control this scooter offers without worries of theft or damage.

Is Insurance Mandatory?

In the UK, riding your scooter on public roads without insurance is a violation of the law. Moreover, insurance protects you and your scooteragainst  unforeseen circumstances.

Insurance Policies You Can Choose From

There are three Peugeot Belville 200 ABS RS insurance policies you can select from. These plans differ in their coverage. They are also available atvaryingcosts.

Third Party Only

This policyprotects third parties from injuries and covers the cost of damages to their possessions. However, it does not protect your scooter or cover any injury you sustain. It is the basic policy you can purchase in the UK.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

This policy covers third parties, and pays outin the event your scooter is damaged in a fire or stolen.


This is the best policy as it covers basically everything. It provides coverage for you and a third party, paying out for damages to properties and injuries sustained. It also covers you against personal injury.

Factors that Affect Insurance Cost

Different factors determine the cost of your Peugeot Belville 200 ABS RS insurance. They include:


Older riders pay lower prices compared to younger riders. This is because young riders are generally known to file more insurance claims.


If you live in an area where there is a high theft rate, then you’ll pay a higher premium.

Riding Experience

With a high experience riding scooters, you’ll pay a lowerinsurance premium compared to those with little or no experience.


Installing extra anti-theft features on your Peugeot Belville 200 ABS RSorkeeping it in a secured garage lowers your premium rate.

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