Peugeot Kisbee 50 RS / Streetline Insurance

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Peugeot Kisbee 50 RS / Streetline Description

With its great price and excellent features, it’s no wonder the Kisbee 50cc scooter was the best-selling 50cc scooter in Europe in 2013. It is light, spacious and suited to country and city life. It is equipped with 12″ wheels, low seat and an ergonomic riding position that ensures maximum comfort. An underseat storage compartment offers space for your helmet and other possessions. It is also equipped with a bag hook, 6.8 litre fuel tank, and audible indicators among others. Peugeot Kisbee 50 RS / Streetlineis, without doubt, a scooter for everyone.

Do I Need Insurance?

Yes, you do. It is a violation of the law to drive a scooter without insurance in the UK. Also, getting insurance protects you against unexpected situations. 

Types of Insurance Policy

There are three Peugeot Kisbee 50 RS / Streetline insurance policies from which you can choose. They are:


This policy covers the cost of medical treatment and personal injuries. Also, it covers the cost of replacing or repairing your scooter.  It also protects third parties.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

This policy pays out for damages and injuries sustained by a third party as well as when your scooter is stolen or destroyed in a fire. 

Third Party

This is the minimum insurance you can get. It covers only the cost of damages to properties and injuries sustained by a third party.

Factors that affect the Cost of Insurance

Certain factors determine the costof aninsurance premium. They include:


If you live in an area prone to theft, you’llpay a higher premium.


Young riders generally file more claimsthan older riders. Hence, they pay more for insurance.


Inexperienced riders pay more insurance premium unlike those with high experience.


Addinganti-theft featuressuch as an alarm to your scooter lowers insurance premium.

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