Peugeot Citystar 200 ABS RS Insurance

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Peugeot Citystar 200 ABS RS Description

The Peugeot Citystar 200 ABS RS is an incredibly-equipped scooter that offer excellence features. It is fitted with 13” tyres and powered by a 200cc engine that delivers maximum engine performance and speed. It comes with a 9.5 litres fuel tank that reduces rate of refills. It has a lockable storage compartment that can hold two helmets, a glove box with 12v socket for charging mobile phones, and a bag hook. Its ergonomic seating position makes riding a pleasurable experience.

Do You Need Insurance?

If you are a rider in the UK, it is mandatory to have at least, a minimum insurance cover. This requirement is to your own benefit.

Insurance Policy Options

There are three Peugeot Citystar 200 ABS RS insurance options. The three offer different coverage at varying costs. They are:


The comprehensive policy covers third party injuries, medical treatment, and damages to their properties. It also insures you against personal injuries, medical bill and cost of repairs/replacement of your scooter.

Third Party, Fire, and Theft

This insurance option covers third-party injuries and damages to their properties. It also pays out in case you lose or damage your scooter in a theft or a fire accident.

Third Party Only

It is the cheapest option among the three. It covers only athird party and doesn’t pay out for your scooter or medical treatment.

Cost of Your Peugeot Citystar 200 ABS RS Insurance

Certain factors determine the cost of premium. They are:


Younger riders are known to have more claims and thus, attract higher insurance premiums.


Riders with little or no experienceattract higher premiums than experienced ones.


If you living in an area that puts your scooter at risk,you pay higher premium rate.


The more secured your scooter is, the less expensive your Peugeot Citystar 200 ABS RS premium will be.

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