Peugeot Django Heritage 125 SBC Insurance

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Peugeot Django Heritage 125 SBC Description 

Powered by a 125cc engine, theDjango Heritage 125 SBCis equipped with exciting features that make riding comfortable. It comes with a lockable storage compartment for holding helmets and other luggage, dual glove compartment with a 12 v socket for charging on the go. Other features include a semi-digital dashboard, LED lighting, comfortable low seat and flat footboard. Whether you are on the country or city road, the Peugeot Django Heritage 125 SBC is fit for all.

Do I Need Insurance?

It is a legal requirement that riders insure their scooters/bikes. Therefore, you need to ensure that your scooteris insured before riding it on public roads.

Available Insurance Policy Options

There are three insurance policy options available for your Peugeot Django Heritage 125 SBC. Depending on your preference and budget, you can choose any of the following:


This is the most comprehensive insurance policy. It protects you against personal injuries and medical bills. You arealso covered for third party damages, injuries, and medical treatment.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

Aside from coveringthird party injuries and damages to their properties,the third party, fire and theft policy also pays out in case of theft or fire accident.

Third Party Only

This insurance option is cheap and pays out for the injuries and medical expenses of third parties, including damages to their properties. However, it does not cover injuries to you or damages to your scooter.

Cost of Your Insurance Policy

Although we offer the cheapest insurance policies in the UK, insurancepremiumis determined by some factors. Some of these are:


Young riders are known to file more claims and consequently, payhigherpremiums than older riders.


Less experienced riders tend to file more claims and will automatically attract higher premiums than experienced riders.


If you live in an area where the rate of crime is high, your insurance premium will cost more.


Installing extra security accessories to your scootercan drastically reduce your premium.

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