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The GTS Super Notte 125 is powered by 4-stroke, 4-valve, liquid cooled cylinder engine, deliveringexcellent performance and speed. It comes in a black colour finish and features a storage box and alloy wheels that makeriding suitable for city life and pleasure.

With the most suitable Vespa GTS Super Notte 125 insurance policy providing solid protection, the Super Notte 125 is a prized possession you’ll value for years to come. You can see the Vespa GTS Super Notte 125 on the Vespa Website

Is Insurance Mandatory?

In the UK, riding your scooter on public roads without the protection of vespa insurance is against the law.

Insurance Policies You Can Choose From

There are three VespaGTS Super Notte 125 insurance policies you can select from. The planshowever differ in cost and their coverage.

Third Party Only

It provides cover for third parties and does not protect your scooter orcover any injury you sustain. It is the minimum policy you can purchase.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

Aside from covering a third party, this Vespa GTS Super Notte 125 insurance policy also pays out in the event of theft or fire. 


This policy provides coverage for you and a third party, paying out for damages to properties and injuries sustained. Although it is the most expensive policy, it is the most inclusive.

Factors that Affect Insurance Cost

Varying factors determine insurance costs. They include:


Older riders pay lower prices compared to younger riders. Also, you pay more if you own a new Super Notte 125.


If you live in an area where the rate of theft is high, then you’ll pay a higher premium.

Riding Experience

Riders with high experience tend to pay lower insurance rates compared to those with little or no experience.


Installing more security features or keeping your GTS Super Notte 125 in a secured garage lowers your premium rate.

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