Get Vespa GTS Yacht Club 125 insurance policies at the most competitive prices! We are the leading scooter insurance comparison site in the UK and take great pride in sourcing cheap insurance policies for Yacht Club 125 owners in the UK.

The GTS Yacht Club 125 comes with a high mix of form and functionality. It is equipped with an ergonomic seat that makes riding pleasurable, a Bike Finder to easily locate your scooter, a large underseat compartment that can hold two helmets among others.

Fuelled by a powerful 4-valve 4-stroke single cylinder engine, the GTS Yacht Club 125 is perfectly ideal for city life. With the best Vespa GTS Yacht Club 125 insurance policy, you are protected against any eventualities. You can see the Vespa GTS Yacht Club 125 comes on the Vespa Website

Is Insurance Mandatory?

In the UK, it’s a legal obligation to have the minimum insurance cover to drive on roads.

Types of Insurance Policy

Vespa GTS Yacht Club125 insurance is available in three policy options. Each vespa insurance policy type differs in what is covered and what isn’t, as well as in pricing.

Third Party Only

This policy covers only third parties and does not protect you or your Yacht Club 125. It is the basic policy you can purchase.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

This Vespa GTS Yacht Club 125 insurance policy protects against injuries and damages to properties of third parties. It also protects your Vespa in case of fire or theft.


This is the most expensive and has the best coverage. It covers damages to properties and medical bills of you and third parties.

Cost of GTS Yacht Club 125 Insurance

Different factors determine how much you’ll pay to insure your Yacht Club 125. They include:


Younger riders have to pay more insurance cost than older riders. Also, the newer your scooter, the higher the insurance cost.


Living in an area with a high rate of theft cases puts your scooter at risk. Hence you’ll pay higher Vespa GTS Yacht Club 125 insurance premium than those who do not.


Equipping your scooter with more security features lowers the insurance premium rates.


Riders with high driving experience are less likely to be involved in an accident. They thus pay a lower premium.

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