Honda Integra Insurance

Honda Integra Insurance

What could be better than owning a fantastic scooter like the Honda Integra? Well, maybe getting an even more fantastic insurance deal for your Honda Integra at really low prices from Scoot Scoot.

We are the top scooter insurance comparison site in the UK. We will only help you collect and compare the best insurance deals for your Honda Integra from over 40 of our pool of top insurance providers.  Our quotes are at no charge and non-obligatory. If you are ready to get the most exciting insurance quotes for your Honda Integra, then simply fill in our online form to get started.

Honda Integra Description

With the style of a scooter and the power of a motorcycle, the Honda Integra is, no doubt, a head-turner. The Honda Integra can be ridden with an A license and is available in 5 breathtaking colours. This handsome scooter is packed with a 750cc liquid-cooled engine and features modern technology such as LED indicators, tail lights, and headlights, preload adjusters, lightweight muffler, slide up-and-down gears, front and rear brakes, customisable LCD dashboard, and Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT).

Do I Need To Get My Honda Integra Insured?

If you plan on riding your Honda Integra on public roads in the UK, then you must get it insured. Failure to do so may get you into trouble with the law, and even worse, your Honda Integra E4 may get impounded. As such, you need insurance.

Honda Integra Insurance Policy Options

There are three Honda Integra insurance policy options you can choose from. The cost of each of these policies differs and so do their coverage. These are;


Comprehensive insurance is by far the most expensive of all three insurance options but, completely pays out for almost everything in the event of an accident. For instance, comprehensive covers personal injuries, medical expenses, repair costs or cost of buying a new Honda Integra if necessary. What’s more, this insurance also covers third-party injuries, repair costs, and medical expenses.


This insurance option is obligatory, cheap and pays out for third-party injuries and damages to their vehicle or properties in the event of an accident. The Third Party Only insurance option does not cover your Honda Integra or personal injuries.


This insurance option provides the same coverage as the one above but also covers your Honda Integra against a fire accident or theft.

Cost of Your Honda Integra Insurance

The cost of your Honda Integra insurance could be affected by the following factors;


Age is a significant determinant in deciding how high or low your premium will be. Younger riders are known to attract more claims and are more likely to attract a higher premium than older riders.

Riding History

Your riding history may determine how high or low your premium will be. Riders with previous riding conviction(s) will likely pay a higher premium compared to riders with no history of a riding conviction.

Amount of Claims

Riders with no claim will likely attract a lower premium compared to riders who have claims.

Annual mileage

Your estimated annual mileage also determines the cost of your insurance premium. The lower your annual mileage is the lower your premium and vice versa.


If your Honda Integra has undergone extensive modifications, then you are more likely to pay a costlier premium compared to someone who rides a standard Honda Integra.


The less secured your area is, the higher your premium will be since you are likely to make a claim.


The more security features your scooter has, the lesser the chances of making a claim and the lower your insurance premium will likely be. An excellent way to decrease your premium is by fitting an alarm, locks, chains, immobilisers and security markings on your scooter or simply parking in a safe space.

Get Your Honda Integra Insurance Quote Today

We are the first and one stop for riders looking to get their scooters insured in no time. Our process is straightforward and fast; we won’t waste your time. We offer only the best insurance quotes from over 40 of our network of unmatched insurers. The choice is all yours; all you have to do is fill a form to get started. Request a quote from us now or call us on 0333 577 6406

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