Honda Monkey Insurance

Honda Monkey Insurance

Ruling the world since 1961, the Honda Monkey has a great history that appeals to many bikers. Now redesigned, with a touch of modernity, the new Monkey is equipped with features that suit the old and the young. And with a bike like this, only the best Honda Monkey insurance will do.

Whether you are taking out a policy for the first time or switching from an existing one, you have nothing to worry about. As the leading bike insurance comparison site in the UK, we know exactly what you want. With a panel of more than 40 insurers, we know how to get the cheapest quotes. And it’s free too!

Honda Monkey Insurance

The Monkey is powered by an air-cooled, fuel injected, 125cc engine that delivers endless power. Its frame, made of steel, is the very backbone that provides strength and stability. With its chromed steel front, rear mudguards, handlebars and exhaust shield, the new monkey is even better than its predecessor from the ‘70s.

It also comes with a new LED headlight and indicators that illuminate the night. The lights also flash when you push a remote button so you can easily locate it even in a car park. AnInertial Measurement Unit (IMU) controlled AB and rear and front disc provides excellent braking ability. Although it looks like a style from the ‘80s, the instrument cluster is full LCD and indicates speed, fuel level, distance travelled and other information.

Is Insurance Necessary?

Wondering if you need to get an insurance policy to ride your bike in the UK? Well, you have to purchase a policy as it’s a legal requirement. Violating this law could get your bike impounded.

Honda Monkey Insurance Types

After applying for aHonda Monkey insurance quote, you can choose one of three policies. These policies offer different cover options. Also, the insurance premium depends on the type of policy you choose.

Third Party Only

This policy covers only injuries and damages to third parties. If you are injured and your bike is also damaged, you’ll have to treat yourself and repair or replace your bike out of your pocket.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

Aside from covering a third party, the third party, fire and theft policy also pays out when your bike is damaged in a fire or is stolen.


This is often the most expensive and all-inclusive policy. The comprehensive Honda Monkey insurance policy covers damages, medical treatment and personal injuries of both you and a third party.

Factors that Determines Insurance Costs

Various factors determine how much Honda Monkey insurance premium you’ll pay. Some of them are:


Living in a place where there’s a high chance your bike will be stolen increases your insurance premium. 


The more secure your bike is, the lower it’ll cost to insure it. Hence, keeping your bike in a secure garage or adding more security accessories to your bike reduces the cost of insurance.


Riders who have been riding for years pay lower insurance cost compared to those with little or no experience.

Claims History

If you have no history of filing a claim, you can apply for a no-claims discount which could bring down your premium cost.

Get the Cheapest Honda Monkey Insurance Quotes Today

With access to over 40 of the country’s top insurance providers, finding the cheapest Honda Monkey insurance policy is a cakewalk. Simply request a free, no-obligation quote or call us on 0333 577 6406. Let’s find you the best deals so you can start saving today.

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