Honda CRF250R Insurance

Honda CRF250R Insurance

Take advantage of incredibly cheap Honda CRF250R insurancetoday!Whether you are just making your way into the biking world or a pro familiar with the thrills of the trails and jungles, your bike’s protection and your safety are vital at all times.

We are all about getting you the cheapest policies. As the leading bike insurance comparison site in the UK, finding you that suitable cover is what we do best. You don’t have to go through a long process. Simply fill in a form and you’ll have a range of options to select from. It’s free too!

Honda CRF250R Description

The CRF250R is powered by a completely new, Liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine that delivers strength and high performance. With its improved power to weight ratio, the CRF250R is stable, easy to handle and has better traction. The electric start saves you a lot of time and energy that comes with using the kick start.

Manufactured from titanium, the fuel tank is light and makes handling easier. It also comes with short twin exhaust, which makes gas-flow more efficient. The Honda CRF250R also comes with three adjustable modes to suit you.

Is Insurance Mandatory?

In the UK, riding your bike on public roads without the protection of insurance is a violation of the law. You could get your bike confiscated or pay a heavy fine if you are riding without insurance cover. Although,insuring your bike is also necessary if you intend riding it off-road only, it is not legally required.

Types of Insurance Policy

The available Honda CRF250R insurance policies are comprehensive, third party, fire and theft, andthird party only. 

Third Party Only

Thiscovers damages to third parties’ properties and injuries. However, it does not protect your bike or pay out for medical treatment.The third party only policy is the minimum you can purchase.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

Aside from covering a third party, this insurance policy also pays out in the event your bike is damaged in a fire or stolen.


This is the best Honda CRF250R insurance policy and usually the most expensive. It provides coverage for you and third parties involved in the accident, paying out for damages to your bike, properties and injuries sustained.

Factors that Affect Insurance Cost

Varying factors determine your insurance costs. They include:


There’s a high chance your bike could be stolen if you live in an area where the rate of theft is high.As a result, you could pay a higher premium.

Riding Experience

As a rider with enough experience, your insurance premium is low compared to those with little or no experience.

Claims History

If you have made little or no claims in the past, you could qualify for a no-claims discount which helps reduce your premium.


Installing additional security accessories or keeping your bike in a locked garage could lower your premium rate.

Get Free Honda CRF250R Insurance Quotes Now

Enjoy amazing Honda CRF250R insurance deals and start saving money. Whatever your insurance needs are, rest assured, we can find you the policy that best suits you. Get started by requesting a free quote now. You can also call us on 0333 577 6406.

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