Honda CRF450R2019 Insurance

Honda CRF450R2019 Insurance

With an extra peak power of 1.8kW, the Honda CRF450R is king of the road. As the king of bike insurance policy, we bring you the best Honda CRF450R insurance policy.

With more than 40 insurance underwriters in our panel, getting you the cheapest quotes is no issue. We’ve been finding such deals for thousands of bike owners like you, so you have nothing to worry about. It’s incredibly simple and easy too. All you have to do is to fill in a single form,and within minutes, we’ll leave you spoilt for choice.

Honda CRF450R Description

The Honda CRF450R comes with an Engine Mode Select Button (EMSB) that changes the engine’s power, torque characteristics and maps to suit your taste and any riding condition. The position of the Renthal Fatbar can be adjusted for a comfortable riding position. It also comes with a new front brake calliper makes braking easier and more effective.

 Made of aluminium, the tapered twin-spar frame and the swingarm pivot plates are lighter, rigid and ensure better traction. The 3-level HRC launch control gives you the best possible start no matter the condition, no matter your riding experience.

Do You Need Insurance?

If you riding your bike on public roads, insuring your bike is a legal requirement, which is why it is important to get covered before you hit the road. You could be fined if you are caught without an insurance cover. Your bike could also be seized.

Available Insurance Policies

There are three types of Honda CRF450R policies available. These policies differ in their coverage, so you should base your choice on your needs rather than cost. The type of policy you choose also determines your premium.

Comprehensive Insurance

Thisprovides the best coverage. It covers damages to your bike and injuries to you. It also pays out for damages and injuries sustained by third parties. Although comprehensive insurance is often the most expensive, it is definitely worth the money.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

This insurance policy covers third party damages and injuriesin case of an accident.  It also covers you if your bike is stolen or damaged in a fire.

Third Party Only

This is the minimum insurance policy you can purchase. It pays out only for the cost of damages and injuries to a third party.The policy doesn’t cover injuries or damages to your bike.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Insurance

Some factors including: determine the cost of insurance


Some areas are more prone to theft than others. If you stay in a location with a high crime rate, you could pay more to insure your bike.


Installing extra security features such as alarm of keeping your bike in a secure garage could reduce your premium.


Your insurance premium could be higher if you ride your bike every day for business-related activities.

Claims History

Having and maintaining a zero claims history could help reduce your insurance premium.

Get Free Honda CRF450R Insurance Quote Today

With our extensive network of top insurance providers all over the UK, you have no worries. Simply request a free quoteand we’ll get you the best Honda CRF450R insurance deals.It’s free and without any hassle. Alternatively, you can call on 0333 577 6406 to get started.

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