Honda CFR450L Insurance

Honda CFR450L Insurance

Join the league of bikers who have benefited from our cheap Honda CFR450L insurance policies. There’s no point going through a lot of hassles to secure the best deal when we can get it for you on a silver platter. Although there are many insurance comparison sites in the UK, we are number one, and finding the best insurance policies is what we do best.

Honda CFR450L Description

Dual-purpose, the Honda CFR450L is ideal for on-road and off-road conditions. It is equipped with a 449cc Unicam engine which meets Euro 4 noise and emission standards. It comes witha six-speed gearbox to increase speed whether on-road or deep in the forest on bike trails. It also has LED lighting that makes the night looks like daylight.

Do You Need Insurance?

In the UK, itis mandatory that all riders insure their bikes before riding it on public roads. Failure to get a Honda CFR450L insurance policy could get your bike impounded.

Levels of Honda CFR450L Insurance

There are three basic levels of Honda CFR450L insurance policies. They are the comprehensive insurance, the third party only, and the third party, fire, and theft insurance options.

Comprehensive Insurance

This is the often, the most expensive insurance cover available.  It covers damages to your bike, personal injuries, medical costs and third-party’s damages and injuries.

Third Party, Fire, and Theft

This Honda CFR450L insurance policy pays out for damages to third parties’ properties. In addition, it covers the cost of replacing or repairing your bike in the event of a robbery or fire accident.

Third Party Only

This insurance policy is basic and often the cheapest insurance policy option. It only covers third parties’ injuries and damages to their vehicles and properties.

Factors Affecting Insurance Premium

Insurance companies will determine the cost of insurance using the following criteria.


Your location plays a part in reducing or increasing your insurance premium. Living in a theft-prone area increases your insurance premium.


Installing additional security accessories to make your bike safer or keeping it in a secure garage could increase your insurance premium.


How frequently do you ride your bike? If you ride your bike every day for work-related activities, you can expect to pay more than others who use theirs for recreational purposes.

Multi Rider or Single Policy

A single policy costs lesser than a multi-rider policy. Also, multi-rider policies cost differently depending on the other named rider.

Get Your Honda CFR450L Insurance Quote Today

It doesn’t matter what insurance cover you need and want. We’ll get you the cheapest Honda CFR450L insurance deals. Thousands of bike owners are capitalising on our relationship with more than 40 insurance underwriters in the UK. You should too.

By simply filling in a single form, we can get you the cheapest deals in the country. If you’ve gotten a cheaper quote somewhere, we’ll beat it. Simply request a free quote now. Alternatively, you can also call us on 0333 577 6406.

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